Change Happens! How to Stay In Your Audience’s Feed on Facebook

by CHERYL GNAD on January 18, 2018

 Change Happens! How to Stay In 


Your Audience’s Feed on Facebook


facebook change is comingFacebook is shaking up the social media marketing world AGAIN! Yes, now we will need to put on our creative hats and figure out how to stay in our audience’s feed and not get “shut OUT” of their feeds. With Reach and Engagement already languishing, this was a real blow! How will you manage your marketing now, and create the Reach and Engagement that keeps your business thriving online?

Recently, I did a post on Linkedin asking them what they used Facebook for. They had these options: A) friends and family, B) Entertainment, C) Education, D) Shopping or Bargains. Only one option was mentioned, for family and friends, and the other options they most often offered were – “I don’t use Facebook”. They already gave up on it because of some missing element for them. I do recognize that these were Linkedin users, so they have a different perspective on how social media should work for THEIR needs – and obviously, Facebook didn’t get it done.

Facebook will be soon limiting posts from your audience’s feed if your post is – too business oriented, has no interactions, offering only fluff, or click bait driven. They want to bring back the focus on “friends and family”. Let me ask – do you get MORE conversations on your personal profile or on your page? I will confidently say on your profile. Why is that? Because you are engaged with someone you are interested in, or because they offer you something you want! That offering could be a great article that will help you grow your business or yourself, a recipe and how to create great food, news about your family member, and something that makes you FEEL good!

How much of this will change?

Not much, actually! Facebook will STILL promote the same kind of things that you are seeing that attracts you to reading the posts! Again, they were –

  • Articles that inspire conversations
  • Posts that help you enjoy life more – recipes, how tos
  • Family news
  • Inspiration

I.e. what you must do is to – Entertain, Educate or Inspire! This is nothing new from what I (Social Focus by CG) have been coaching my clients to be doing!

Here is a quick list of things you can be doing. Facebook hasn’t made their changes with the algorithm yet, but you are seeing the drop in reach and engagement for those that are NOT doing what is mentioned above. This list might be just the ticket to staying in your audience’s feed. Time will tell.

Put These Steps To Work:

  1.  PLAN – create a content calendar. Have it make connected sense for the needs of your customer. Invite them to “stay tuned” for the next post. Also, see #4 below.
  2.  NO CHEATING – don’t BUY fans. Contests are fun, and easy but often attract those more interested in the prize rather than the topics covered by the Page. Not your customer, in other words. Any activity similar to this won’t work for you. Don’t do it. It is a waste of money – go for relationships instead of NUMBERS.
  3. CHECK OUT YOUR COMPETITORS – find a competitor who is nailing it! Are they doing something that might FIT you? Customize it to you and see!
  4. CUSTOMIZE YOUR POSTS TO EACH PLATFORM – not every platform works for you or your business. Fit the genre to the platform. Each one may serve different kinds of your customers, so speak to each type. Read – Pick the Social Media Platform That Brings You Results.
  5. HAVE A CURATION TOOL – collect articles of interest to your customer. How? With a tool that will Change Happens! How to stay in your audience's feed on you locate those types of articles. But remember – will these bring INTERACTION to your posts? The Publishing sources today are going to suffer big time because many don’t! My shared articles I have placed in my page aren’t getting any active engagement. Some will have click thru in order to read but that is it. Facebook will demote articles of no interaction.


Here are some great tools to help you stay in your audience’s feed —

a. Feedly

Change Happens! How to Stay In Your Audience’s Feed on FacebookThis app keeps the collection up to date with the latest blogs on topics of interest. A great organizing tool – articles are easy to find.





 b. Websites of consistent good content and healthy following. Add them to FEEDLY, see it above.

 c. Pinterest –

Change Happens! How to Stay In Your Audience’s Feed on Facebook

Build boards with favorite topics or blog/article authors, see how they are received and read by your Pinterest audience.








  Change Happens! How to Stay In Your Audience’s Feed on Facebook




e. Pocket –

Change Happens! How to Stay In Your Audience’s Feed on FacebookAnother app that helps you to collect great content for later use. Much like Evernote, see below.




f. FlipBoard

This platform finds articles that you’ve tagged as your interest and brings the articles together. Kind of like your own personal magazine, online.



g. Twitter – yes this is an awesome tool when searching with (#) hashtags!


Change Happens! How to Stay In Your Audience’s Feed on FacebookGreat for blog ideas and content finds!





i. Use Evernote

Change Happens! How to Stay In Your Audience’s Feed on FacebookTo clip and KEEP interesting content to use later for building great content and re-sharing content.








6. POST FORMATS – Test out different posting formats! Facebook is still loving VIDEO, but again, not the fluff videos of useless animals or just let it show up to be seen stuff. LIVE Video is TOPS on its list to content engagement still. Other formats to include – graphic visual pics that attract the eye – inspirational, for instance; more video – how to, travel tips, cooking tips; questions that encourage folks to respond. This area is really going to be tested to see what works. So stay tuned!

7. FACEBOOK COVERS – change out and test out the cover images to your page. This gets placed into people’s feeds readily, so make the best use of it to brand you, or announce an event, or just to shine!

Just know that there isn’t an EASY BUTTON  to make all of this just happen overnight. It will take work and listening to the experts for the best strategies. Facebook still has a plan – keep us on their platform and help us to share in each other’s lives. We can do that with – great content, great interactions with fans, family and friends, use their ad platform, incorporate other Facebook tools like Messenger and Instagram, and be real with one another!

Social Focus by CG is in touch with the national experts (Sandi Krakowski, Kim Garst, Social Media Examiner, Amy Portfield, just to name a few) – some by name even!! I receive regular training and updates on the social media trends. I am, also, a teacher at heart. I love to teach businesses how to stay in their audience feed and help them to have the mindset that ATTRACTS new customers, both online and off.

I offer workshops, online training, and in person training in social media marketing. I am also available to be your social media manager – helping you to integrate your total marketing to work together for YOU!

If you are seeking someone who would come to your office or do an online training for you personally, set up an intro meeting with me via

YES! Let’s Talk!  (click here for schedule)

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Written by CHERYL GNAD


Cheryl Gnad, of owner/social media consultant with Social Focus by CG, offers coaching and consulting for small businesses looking to incorporate social media into their advertising strategies. She is a self-developed business owner, and a trained social media manager with names like Kate Buck Jr., Amy Porterfield, Kim Garst and Sandi Krakowski. Follow her on Facebook at Social Focus by CG, Twitter@SocialFocusbyCG, and on Linkedin.

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