BRONZE- Basic Social Media Starter Package

Social Media Basic BRONZE Starter Package

–  $147 set up & $1200 (3 mos) or $400/month

  • Bronze Social Media Package The Basic Monthly Social Media Maintenance package will provide you with:

    • 3-4 status updates/day
    • 2-3 networks
    • deleting of unwanted spam
    • accepting friend requests/following back
    • basic SEO optimized profile management.

    The Basic Monthly Social Media Maintenance Package will get your foot in the door. This package is a great tool for you to watch how to build up your engagement and fan growth in your social media platforms. Social Focus by CG is proficient in developing YOUR personality style into each post. We are not the voice but we are YOUR VOICE connecting for you when you are busy delivering quality service/products and running a company. Your time is valuable and Social Focus by CG will jump start your social media marketing. Once you are established, you will be ready to move up to the Silver Maintenance Program.