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Social Focus by CG is about expanding your web presence where people will “see, hear and find” you with social media marketing and management! But we are also about making you look great to your customers, and saving you time! We understand that business owners are time strapped and budget strapped! Marketing is a business’s main activity outside of the services they provide. A strong business invests 75% of their time in marketing! Yet advertising and marketing can get pretty expensive and often falls to the wayside. Social media is now becoming a major part of marketing everywhere you look! You can’t watch TV without the mention of social media or to observing someone looking at their Smartphone’s social media in the TV show! As a business, are they looking at and engaging with YOU!? They should be, in social media, and that is where Social Focus by CG (Cheryl Gnad) comes in.

What can we do for you? We are here to help you – Be Seen, Be Heard, and Be Found, thus making you stand out from the crowd!”

Be Seen! Social Media Raised Hands“Be Seen!”

“I need a website, and one that draws in lots of people.”

Social Focus by CG, can build your website. We build websites with one of the strongest performing Content Management System is built in the WordPress  system. With this, your website will be SEO optimized and easy for any person to navigate to find your goods and services and interact with you. AND you will look great! But the biggest benefit of this website is that YOU will be able to update it freely and easily with some simple training from Social Focus by CG.

“What is SEO and why is this important to my business?”

SEO is Search Engine Optimization. Simply put, it means your web presence will have the keywords integrated into your website and social media platforms, in order that the Google, Bing, Yahoo – search engines (formulas that drive these search tools to find you) to recognize your content as important and to place you up higher on their pages. Rules for higher page rankings change with those formulas and you can’t depend on any company who promises “tons of hits” or “1st page ranking” if you hire them. Social Focus by CG uses common sense, marketing strategies, customer oriented keywords, and optimum placement of keywords to boost your web presence, no tricks, no “black hat” strategies, no gimmicks.

“Be Heard!”

“Why do I need social media?”

Social Focus by CG brings to your business marketing “Social Focus”! It is our belief or our “mantra” that true social media marketing means making great relationships with customers so that they last! We do this by building a culture around you and your business, where your potential customers will come and interact with you, where you are nurturing and growing your next customer! We aim to be YOUR voice, we aim to be you. Social media is your marketing tool to do just that! Creating a culture where your customers know you by first name and share their own lives with you is a plus to any business! Why? Because this way you get to LISTEN to your customers’ needs and you can provide them YOUR solution to that need!

You need a social media marketing strategy and a social media manager to help you shape your marketing and build relationships. This is done by engaging and motivating your potential customer to move into the sales funnel of your business. Social media marketing integration is key to your success to expanding your web presence.

Social Focus by CG takes on a limited number of clients in order to be able to devote time to your campaigns/social media/ and you! Advertising agencies can’t provide the staff to cover your social media; if they did it would cost you more than you would ever want to pay. Hiring Social Focus by CG as your social media consultant will save you time and money, plus provide optimum coverage of your social media marketing. Now, you will have great relationships and a voice within your web presence! You will be heard!

“Be Found”

“How will this help people to find my business?”

  • Our world is a social world. Statistics show that “51% of Facebook users and 64% of Twitter users are more likely to buy from the brands they follow than those they aren’t!” In social media, people talk!
  • 1/3 of Twitter users are more likely to recommend a brand once they follow them.
  • Traffic between your social media platforms that are driven to your website, increases the ranking you need to be found with Google/Bing/Yahoo search engines
  •  Because of the relationships you’ve cultivated with your audience in social media, they will come to KNOW, LIKE, and TRUST you. Once that trust level is reached, you are their “go to” company for X,Y,Z Products/Services! They FOUND YOU! Then you get to nurture them to keep them. “It is easier to keep a customer, than to find a new one.”

Let’s summarize. Let us help you, “stand out from the crowd”!

Having Social Focus by CG working with you on your social media marketing is better than the intern that isn’t marketing savvy but just happens to be comfortable being on Facebook (they are on it all day, right?), better than you who can’t find enough time to talk with the audience on your social media or stay up to date on the best marketing strategies being practiced in social media, better than a “hit and miss” approach to see what “sticks”. Social Focus by CG is willing to work with you, your staff, and for you, to bring out your best on social media and in the “world wide web” (www.) – the internet.

We will have a service package that fits your budget. Partner with us to “Be Seen! Be Heard! And Be Found!”



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