VIDEO – The New Marketing in Social Media WORKSHOP SMV101

July 9, 2016

VIDEO – The New Marketing in Social Media SMV101 – July 27th 11 a.m.  and July 28th 7 p.m. This class is to help business find how they can incorporate the New Marketing on Social Media – the use of Videos! Many small businesses are afraid to hear, let alone SEE themselves in a video! […]

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Identify Your Inner Voice! Is It Yours, or Someone Else’s?

May 27, 2016

Identify Your Inner Voice! Is It Yours, or Someone Else’s? The author’s story of trusting in her own Inner Voice. [youtube][/youtube] Watch this accompanying video too. More great thoughts! In the 1970’s, while in high school I was trying to find areas of “purpose” or “career” in my life. Most high school kids are. I […]

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Facebook Workshop in Wichita! Targeting Your Ideal Audience!

April 19, 2016

Ready, Aim, FIRE! Taking Aim and Targeting Your Ideal Customer   on Facebook for Great Engagement! Learn great tricks and practices to increase your REACH and ENGAGEMENT on Facebook!   April 28th,   Past date!  — at the Riverwalk Church of Christ – 225 North Waco, Wichita 11:30 am-1:30 pm Tickets $30  at  OR […]

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Move to “FIRE!” Fans to Ideal Customers

April 13, 2016

  Part 2:   Moving to FIRE!  – so that your Facebook Fans become your IDEAL customers!   This is Part 2 in the READY, AIM! and FIRE!  2 part series. (Part 1 is – Get Ready , Aim! – at Your Best Customer in Facebook!) Many articles have been written on this topic on how […]

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Get Ready, Aim – at Your Best Customer in Facebook!

April 11, 2016

  Get Ready, Aim!    for Your Best Customer in Facebook!   READY! AIM! and FIRE! This is Part 1 – the Get READY, AIM (the targeting to the right audience) and then my next blog, Part 2 in this series, Moving to FIRE! – so that you can cultivate your Fans to becoming your IDEAL customers!   […]

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A Dream – The Simple Acts of Love!

March 12, 2016

A Dream – The Simple Acts of Love! This isn’t your typical blog, not even for me to write, or for you to even read. I struggled to even know how to tell about my dream and what to title it. Let’s call this a “journal blog” today. I wanted to be sure to convey […]

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Finding a Good Social Media Manager

February 26, 2016

Finding a Good Social Media Manager or Should It Be – “Coach”? A good social media manager or coach should know their social media strategies and actually can do it well themselves! Knowing what it takes to “doing social media well” is what is important here. Social media coaching/teaching isn’t “naturally” done well! Find social proof. The other […]

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WEBINAR – Create Your Own PERFECT Graphics

February 18, 2016

The Art of Visual Graphics – for Your Social Media Why not create your own PERFECT Graphic Image?  Join me for a Special Webinar! February 23, 2016 7 pm CST Social Media needs a unique, personal, but eye grabbing visual presence for your business to thrive on social media today. Your message if in a graphic […]

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