Move to “FIRE!” Fans to Ideal Customers

by CHERYL GNAD on April 13, 2016

 Move to FIRE! Fans to Ideal Customers

Part 2:


Moving to FIRE!  – so that your Facebook Fans become your IDEAL customers!


This is Part 2 in the READY, AIM! and FIRE!  2 part series. (Part 1 is – Get Ready , Aim! – at Your Best Customer in Facebook!)

Many articles have been written on this topic on how to attract your ideal customer, so I will be short and concise so that you can quickly understand and implement these suggestions. Most of this is in a check off list form. Try each item or mark the ones that you have already tried.

Do you look the part?

Your Facebook page (or whatever social media platform), should appear as an extension to your BUSINESS!

  1. Have a professional looking profile picture – have the SAME one across all social media platforms! This way your ideal customer is able to confirm instantly they have found you – AGAIN! More social proof for you! You exist and are active!
  2. Brand your images or your social sites with your brand logo and colors. Do they match your website?

    (You do have a website for your business of your own right?) There needs to be some cohesiveness here! All belongs to one business – web, social, and…email! And of course, any print advertising you have too. (Free logo maker: Logaster – )

  3. Link your website AND your business/fan page on your profile under the ABOUT/EMPLOYMENT.
  4. Are you linked to your website – both your Business Page AND your personal profile should have your website link/url listed, as well as your Facebook page. This way both sides can easily find you and if needed they will LIKE your Business Page!
  5. Use a vanity url – not one that has your name with numbers. I.e. – but rather like:

If you wish for more help on the vanity url, visit: How to Claim Your Vanity URL for Your Facebook Page.

What kinds of posts should you post that would be interesting to my ideal customer?

  1. Study your Facebook Insights to know
  2.      – when is the best time of day and what days receive more engagement or views, post when your                   fans are online!
  3.      – to know what KIND of post receive the highest reach, and engagement – do more!
  4.      – Consider posting on odd hours. Let competition for attention of those that do Facebook late!
  5. Do a Give Away Contest – to draw interest. Be sure to use a relevant prize that relates to your business, otherwise you will attract only those that want to win, but have no interest in YOU as a business.
  6. Post videos = lots of reach and engagement! Use Facebook LIVE too! engage with fans there too!
  7. Use your own photos! Make themed albums. This helps your audience to identify with you better.
  8. Post a variety – video, your own pictures, your own BRANDED graphic quotes, other’s quotes, humorous post shares, shares of others informative posts, your blog articles, other’s blog articles.

How should I post?

  1. Tell stories or “story-tell”. People will give more attention to it than if you just shove words at them.
  2. Be real. Talk about your passions, loves, vacations, pets, kids, challenges, lessons learned, what you shopped for, business wins, business activity like networking. Just like you would if you were on your personal profile. In fact, most of what you post and engage with is ON YOUR PAGE! Keep personal very private.
  3. Ask potential an ideal customer that is your friend on the personal profile side to join you on your page – generally at least, 1x a week!
  4. Post a minimum of 5x A DAY! Otherwise, you really will cripple your reach, more than what Facebook already does! (Facebook has lowered our reach to about 3% of our fans to see what we post).
  5. Realize that Facebook is telling you how to do it – they hate promotional posts – they don’t promote them, why should YOU? Instead, SHOW people your products! Show results, how tos, make them “eye-candy”.Branding, to attract your ideal customer.
  6. Share VIRAL posts/content that others are posting. Use Post Planner that ranks posts that are most viral.
  7. Post your own ORIGINAL content – blogs or pictures! No one else will have it – just you! ———————->
  8. Share other people’s content! (OPC) – it shows you are paying attention to them too!
  9. Use your Facebook Insights, this tells you what is working and what is not.

Walk the extra mile – do what most others don’t do!

  1. Embed (embed the code Facebook gives you!) one of your best posts into your website or in your blog. It will pull people to your Facebook page.
  2. Invite people that would have an interest in what you are doing! If you have a health style product, who do you know who is concerned about their own health? Invite them!
  3. Mention Influencers in your posts for more eyes to see a shared post that DOES show or involve this influencer. (Don’t “tag” someone randomly with no connection to posts). It could even be from an article where the influencer is mentioned already!
  4. Have a friend in a group or another’s page invite you over by name! Have them draw attention toward you.
  5. Post your best content at the best times to be seen.
  6. Be ACTIVE in Facebook groups! Big plus! Many aren’t active, but you can be seen as the “go to” person if you are.

Be Active and Creative when you are offline too.

  1. Talk about your Facebook page and community! Ask people to follow you when you are in conversations outside of Facebook, or in person!
  2. Give your Facebook LINK in your email signature. Do a CTA (call to action) to click on that link!
  3. On your responses to a SUBSCRIBE to your newsletter, give them a personal invite to your page and give them the link then and there! Ask them to LIKE your page.

If you have an offline store — you can get people to your Facebook page by being a little creative: 

  • Add your Facebook page name to your business cards
  • Ask possible ideal customers to like your page to get a 10% discount
  • Stick a Facebook sticker with your page name on your window
  • Put your Facebook page name on all your advertising and marketing material
  • Add a magnet to the back of your car with your Facebook page name
  • Use a QR code on your packaging to promote your Facebook page

(source: )

What about Facebook Ads?

  • Yes, you can do Facebook ads, but you will need a budget to use that pays for $10 a day ads to get momentum in your results from your efforts. If you have less than 2000 fans for your page, then use ads and targeting to gather more INTERESTED IDEAL customer eyes to your page and to LIKE IT!  Then do ads for promotions or offers, (for monetizing your business on Facebook). It is easy to spend a lot of money to get LIKES but you be getting JUNK LIKES, those that don’t really give a hoot about what you do as a business. They just liked the ad post! Once you start getting all of these JUNK LIKES, don’t be fooled and begin to be very happy to get them. They will do nothing after the LIKE. Once you’ve done around 100 ads, you will have learned what it takes to make effective ads!

Stay connected with Social Focus by CG – because I will be doing some experimenting with Facebook ads and blogging about that and doing a workshop for you, as well.

Last but not lest! 19 Easy Ways to Optimize Your Facebook Business Page! (2)

  • Is your Facebook presence OPTIMIZED? 
  • If not, do DOWNLOAD this checklist :   19 Easy Ways to Optimize Your Facebook Business Page. It will help you to get your Facebook optimized. Some of this article’s tips are also included there.


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Written by CHERYL GNAD


Cheryl Gnad, of owner/social media consultant with Social Focus by CG, offers coaching and consulting for small businesses looking to incorporate social media into their advertising strategies. She is a self-developed business owner, and a trained social media manager with names like Kate Buck Jr., Amy Porterfield, Kim Garst and Sandi Krakowski. Follow her on Facebook at Social Focus by CG, Twitter@SocialFocusbyCG, and on Linkedin.

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Brenda Niemeyer April 14, 2016 at 1:59 PM

Thanks for all the great tips and reminders! Very helpful to have a checklist to go through. 🙂


CHERYL GNAD April 16, 2016 at 10:28 AM

I am hoping this checklist makes it easier. I know I wish I had something to check off as I did things. Clear and concise information -how-tos.


Psychic Nest April 19, 2016 at 9:06 AM

Hi Cheryl,

I read both articles and I totally love them. Facebook has changed a lot the last years which makes it harder for business to have visibility. This means that we have to be very active so as to compensate for that. I love what you said about being active even when we are offline. Great reminders, thank you!



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