Get Past Your Excuses – Part 2

by CHERYL GNAD on February 23, 2015

Getting rid of excuses.

Being aware of why the excuses exist is the start of making change! Listen to your heart!

Get Past Your Excuses – Part 2


In my last blog, I talked about the fact that we believe our excuses too quickly for the lack of our success by putting our BIG BUT(T)s out there.  In this article I will share ways to counter that voice of our excuses and to replace it with that voice you crave to hear! The of EMPOWERMENT!

One thing I must point out. THESE BUTS are not exclusive to happening in an  MLM/network marketing business. It happens in ALL business types, and in living your own life! Keep reading…

Yes, now I had a couple BUTs still looming over my head even recently and you know what? I heard them when I said them!! I was AWARE of them! What does one do when the “BIG BUT” or excuse shows up? What does it do to you when you hear others down grade themselves by saying they ” but I can’t because….”? My mentor could catch me in a second! She heard it! I didn’t…and I asked her how come she could hear it and I couldn’t? She replied that “it hurt too much to hear me degrade or take away my own gifts in such a way that I couldn’t live bigger and better!” She believed in me more than I did in myself!

I asked how do I get over this habit? Since then, in the past 2 years, I’ve come to learn more about what was happening to me. Once I learned that, then I “heard” my BIG BUT(T)s, my excuses, and my own negative thinking. Now I can practice EMPOWERED THINKING and so can you.

Today I read an email from my social media mentor – Sandi Krackowski – who wrote from her book #BEMORE: 77 Secrets To Your Powerful (find it at: ) on this very subject.  Her suggestion was to record yourself for 2 hours during the first part of the day and listen to it later in that day. Yes, it can be embarrassing to hear your own voice, but it could be more embarrassing to hear your way of speaking! This is what Sandi wrote:

 When I did this it was a rude awakening. I felt the barometric pressure around me change. “This is my life?” I asked myself. The two hours were filled with: “I’m so sick and tired of this!” and “God has made a great mistake and this is so unfair. No matter how hard I try I can’t get ahead!” and “I can’t do this. Seriously, who the hell does God think I am anyway?” (Yes, I said hell and God in one sentence and He didn’t strike me. Keep reading.)

Does this sound familiar? Would this speech coming from you surprise you? If you heard this come from your own child, how would you react?! You would feel the pain of it, yes? NOW, I knew why it hurt my mentor so much. So, time for change!

When you encounter yourself or the other being negative, offering excuses or saying “but” to something –

 Ask yourself:

– Is it true?

– Is it in your power to change it?

–  Does it really matter?

–  Did I make it easy for me/them to say No?

–  What is the worst thing that could happen? Can I live with that?

–  What do you/they gain from not changing or trying?

–  What do you/they need in order to reach that goal or desire?

 3 Steps to erasing those excuses (those BIG BUTTs)

Step 1 to making changes in your life or others is to  – recognize the problem, i.e. – the big BUT, the excuses.  Become aware.

The next big step – Step 2 is to truthfully find answers to the above questions or some similar. What might make it workable? Take a backwards step – can you do that? No? Take another backward step – can you do that? Keep doing until the answer comes or the excuses stop! Simply the awareness of the excuses way of thinking that is going on and how it is painful to live in such a way will make big changes.

Step 3 – make the decision to change. Simple. Really it is just a decision. Also, know that God understands the decision to change. He created you to be powerful in such a way that all you have to do is SAY and it shall be! God did it that way! Can you imagine if God would have said as He created Man “Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth…” but then adds “oh, but….maybe not, man is going to be ____ and I will have to ____.  Then I just know that ____ etc.” NO! God spoke it into being!  He made us in HIS image, and look how powerfully He spoke! It happened! True, we aren’t God, but He has blest us to have power in our own words! Speak “as if”! Even if you don’t believe in Him, you can believe in the powerful way you were made! Be EMPOWERED! It begins with being aware, asking yourself why, and making the decision to just “do it”. MAKE THE DECISION TO WORK OUT THE CHANGE IN YOU!

Mentor-ship  –  being accountible for your excuses

I have a mentor, actually more than one, who helps me to be accountable for my words and my decision to change. Do you have one? They are a very important part to sticking it through to the end for making the changes you want. Change won’t happen though UNLESS you really want it, and know WHY you want it! Find a trusted business friend or mentor or coach to help you with your own EMPOWERMENT!

This article is in conjunction with Part 1 which is Get Your Big But(t) Excuses Out of the Way. 

Social Focus by CG is committed to your success, but in the world of marketing AND in your own self. If you need more, just contact me via the opt-in on the side or in the comments below. I will find you! I am here to help you build that wonderful you! #BeMore!


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Cheryl Gnad, of owner/social media consultant with Social Focus by CG, offers coaching and consulting for small businesses looking to incorporate social media into their advertising strategies. She is a self-developed business owner, and a trained social media manager with names like Kate Buck Jr., Amy Porterfield, Kim Garst and Sandi Krakowski. Follow her on Facebook at Social Focus by CG, Twitter@SocialFocusbyCG, and on Linkedin.

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