Elements of Great Social Media Marketing

by CHERYL GNAD on July 28, 2017

Elements of Great Social Media Marketing

Are You Doing the Work?

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Social Media Marketing has become the “way to market” because of the smart phone. Everyone is on their phones without any restrictions! It used to be the internet on the computer, but when at work you were “restricted” in some way from using it. Or not everyone had a computer.

Today, EVERYONE has an internet accessing smart phone and they ARE looking. Newspaper/print advertising has moved too – to the internet because of the smartphone. Are you there? Or are you still thinking “old school” marketing? Social media is a part of the “NEW” school of marketing. Again, are you there? If so, are you marketing in the way that the NEW school of marketing is demanding of you?

Social Media Marketing is the new buzz word and many ARE doing social media, thinking that it is, in and of itself, social media “marketing”. Yet there are certain elements that need to be in place in order to be effective.

1. One social media platform, at least, that you are DEDICATED to.
2. Consistency of posting
3. YOUR own content that YOUR audience wants to see
4. A website of your own – not your parent company or product ordering site.
5. Regular blog posts (regular means 2x a month minimum!)
6. Visual attraction – video or graphics/photography
7. A sales funnel strategy in place
8. Opt ins
9. Emails
10. Products – free and paid for
11. Education – Entertainment – Relationship
12. PEOPLE = for you to connect with, communicate with, be YOU with

As you can see, there are plenty of things for 1 person to be working on here. TIME is the one commodity that most business owners do NOT have – and Social Media Marketing is the one area that suffers from not enough time given to it.

Many small business owners are BIG in making the human to human in person connection, either in the store or when networking outside of the home or office. But the human connection is a PLUS to the efforts often done on social media.

When done right – your online connection seeks you out to be an offline connection and that is where your connection is solidified! BUT without social media to give you credibility even those offline connections will be far and few between! Why not build your CREDIBILITY online first – then take it offline. OR if you are building your business ONLY online, then start NOW to make your marketing effective with social media marketing! BUT it takes lots of work dedication and work.

As this article isn’t going to be able to cover all the 12 items, I will mention only 4.

  • #1 – Social Media Platform.

    +   This platform, whether it is Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or other, MUST have your undivided attention. It also needs to be the BEST one for your brand or product of sales. Your IDEAL customer must be there. Don’t choose the platform that is the most familiar to you or the easiest to manage. Choose the one that your audience will hear from you on. Do you know where your customers are? (Sounds like the nightly curfew call we all heard on TV in my days of youth!).

    +   Any platform performs best when posted to regularly. Certain platforms will perform with fewer posts than others. Do you know the strategy that works best for your platform and your ideal customers that reside there?

    +   Connections. Do you have “influencers” in your social media platform audience? They are the ones that will LIKE, Comment and SHARE your content. Their conversations are seen with their friends and their friends of friends. They are the ones that will convert themselves or others for the conversions you need. I.e. – they buy and lead others to buy.

    +  Recommendations for your company are HUGE in your success and YOU must be able to cultivate that and ASK for them. Your influencers will respond.

    +   A good marketer will only use the platforms that they can respond to and manage regularly. More is not better if no one is present.

    +   When present on your social media you can drive traffic to your website and practice the “givers gain” philosophy. By giving YOUR time to recommend, like, comment, and share others who are online – they will do the same in return. This is the nature of social media –more on certain platforms than others – so use this to your advantage!

  •  #5 – Your blog.

    +   I chose this because it will bring in other elements naturally. Your blog is YOUR voice being heard. Your voice will establish you and bring you credibility.

    +   If you are a home-based business with a parent company giving you their products to sell – their credibility is built into their products already (research, science, their product videos – descriptions – fact sheets, etc.), but you alone need to build your own credibility. So be your own voice. Write a blog about – you, you in business, you using products, what you hear about your customers’ use of your products, etc.

    +   Do your own research and add your findings or opinions to your blog. You are the human behind the brand that you want others to come and find.

    +   Increase traffic to your social media sites by posting YOUR content into it. Don’t depend on traffic finding you on your website without help. That help comes from social media for this purpose! Use it!

    +   Your social media platform is one way to SEND traffic to your website too! This increases its visibility to the Google Search Engines (SEO – if search engine optimization was done well on website and blog).

  • #7 Your Sales Funnel

    sales funnel marketing tip+   This was chosen for those who are doing social media online marketing in order to – make money! If all you are doing is being social online – without a strategy for making money – you will only BE SOCIAL. That sales funnel strategy needs to be in place or your business is STRICTLY offline or in person only.
    +   Sales funnels incorporate – opt ins, a way to gather email addresses, newsletters, and a way to expand your communications about you and your business – developing your credibility.
    +   Sales funnel strategies have a progression. This allows you to narrow down your efforts to those that are potentially serious about buying from you. Don’t waste time on those that are there only to gawk at what you are doing, and never buying. There are PLENTY of GAWKERS out there too! Weed them out!

  • Lastly – #12 – PEOPLE

    +  Without PEOPLE – you don’t have a business, let alone an online business. Cultivating relationship is key but you can do it the hard way – one to one, or in a far bigger way one too MANY! It is up to you and if through social media – the one to MANY models is a reality! But even there, it can continue in the old school way – the one to one model. Be aware if you are slipping into that model if you really desire to grow into the NEW marketing. Understanding how to reach the RIGHT people for your business means you understand the methods it takes to use the NEW Marketing through social media.

    +   Have a method to touch and touch again the right people who are your potential customers. Have a plan or a progression to build their trust in you and you become their go-to person of your expertise! Don’t bring your PEOPLE into your funnel so fast that they are going to suffer whiplash and leave! Allow them to become a part of your WARM audience before they become your buying audience.

#1, 5, 7, and 12 in some way include the other numbers. If you incorporate these items into our social media marketing you are well on your way to utilizing the BEST and most affordable marketing available today. For the small business owner, they CAN’T AFFORD to NOT do this form of marketing and do it well. Those that are not taking the time to do it, are falling behind those that do.

Social Focus by CG has a motto – “Stand out from the crowd!” I help businesses to do just that. As I was beginning my own business,  social media was beginning to be the platform of “easier” marketing and the most affordable marketing a small business could do – so I jumped in. I became good at it for my direct sales and others asked how I got to be so recognized on my social media. It was long before I realized that I could be developing social media a way to make money by coaching/teaching others to do what I did – to STAND OUT! I did what others were not doing. I still am! Are you?

If you are wondering if you are incorporating these 12 elements into your business marketing – the NEW marketing of today – then contact me. I will give you a FREE 30 minute consult over what you are doing in your business. If you find that our partnership (where I can coach you in your social media marketing) let me know. I encourage getting up, and getting “a-goin’” and being the one “standing out” from the crowd! “Be Seen, Be Heard, and Be Found”!

Follow Cheryl Gnad on Facebook at www.Facebook.com/socialfocusbycg for more great tips on how to “stand out in the crowd” of online marketing. If interested in social media coaching – connect with her at www.SocialFocusbyCG.com/contact.

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Written by CHERYL GNAD


Cheryl Gnad, of owner/social media consultant with Social Focus by CG, offers coaching and consulting for small businesses looking to incorporate social media into their advertising strategies. She is a self-developed business owner, and a trained social media manager with names like Kate Buck Jr., Amy Porterfield, Kim Garst and Sandi Krakowski. Follow her on Facebook at Social Focus by CG, Twitter@SocialFocusbyCG, and on Linkedin.

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