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VIDEO – The New Marketing in Social Media

SMV101 – July 27th 11 a.m.  and July 28th 7 p.m.

This class is to help business find how they can incorporate the New Marketing on Social Media – the use of Videos! Many small businesses are afraid to hear, let alone SEE themselves in a video! They think they look and sound weird! Social Focus by CG has been using video and has seen great reach and more engagement with it! That is what VIDEOS will do for your business!!!! More reach, more people to see you to LIKE you on Facebook, more INSTANT message or communication about what you are about. 

Plan to attend! (Wichita workshop only, see ticket for more information) Clear your calendar and come! Small class, so lots of individual attention for personal business marketing coaching!

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What you can expect to hear or learn in this class

  • Why should you use video?

  1. Reach
  2. Engagement
  3. Great SEO
  4. Very effective
  5. Visual content – instant communication
  6. Trust Factor increases
  • What to make with your videos for your business?

  1. Different ways to put a video to use to communicate with ALL types of audience
  • How to do good, quality SOCIAL videos.

  1. Equipment
  2. Technology
  3. Branding
  4. CTA – call to actions
  5. Relationships

Who should attend this workshop?

  1. If you are afraid to get in front of a camera.
  2. If you have NO IDEA what to make a video over.
  3. If you feel you don’t have the right equipment to look professional.
  4. If you aren’t convinced you NEED it … yet.

Do you need bring anything to attend?

  • No, you don’t need to bring a computer either.
  • If you have a cell phone – bring that!
  • Bring notebook and pen for taking note of these great tips!
  • An eager mind and a passion to grow your social media!

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Positive Thinking?

Identify Your Inner Voice! Is It Yours, or Someone Else’s?

The author’s story of trusting in her own Inner Voice.

YouTube Preview Image

Watch this accompanying video too. More great thoughts!

In the 1970’s, while in high school I was trying to find areas of “purpose” or “career” in my life. Most high school kids are. I found that I was doing well in the math and science fields. In my Senior year, math was fun but soon became challenging! I was near the top of the class – and doing independent study in – Algebra 2. But I could not keep up with a classmate who was going to go into Indianapolis – Navy Academy! He was – Brilliant! He was doing great. With his help,  I thought I could! But I couldn’t. The teacher convinced me to rejoin the class and finish the year with them. However, as much as I like math and science (I was even the only girl with a bunch of boys in the physics class!) I kept trying to aim for a “career” in science – like medical lab technology. Yet, I was SHINING in music – instrumental music! I was first chair clarinet in the orchestra, shared leadership 1st and 2nd chair in band, earned 1st chair in the the city Youth Orchestra and STATE Orchestra, and won 1’s in my contest solo ratings! I was a very good clarinet player! What follows is interesting to see what transpired while in college.

I entered college with plenty of core classes, but heavy in chemistry, and math. I did sign up for my “other credits” to be in music: private lessons, small ensemble and band. I did well but no longer “shined” in math or science. By the end of the second year you had to declare your major and take courses that fulfilled those degree requirements. I approached class selection day with in trepidation. Why?

For years, in my young life, I tried to please my parents in my academic activities. This was the only way I felt valued.  I was extremely afraid of earning grades less than a B, but I had sure make an A in there somewhere! I was considered rather nerdy in high school because of my drive to be the top – and I never was, just good. I even ranked in the top 10% of the graduating class! My parents approved of my efforts to do medical lab technology. Yet, I soon saw that MY dream was not to be secluded in a small lab of less than 10 people. I wanted to influence lots of people with my message of hope and in sharing my faith in Jesus Christ. By the start of the 3rd year of college, I was remembering a high school teacher that exemplified who I wanted to be like. She was a music teacher, and an emergency foreign exchange student guardian with her teaching husband. She shared herself in such a way that I had to ask her personally “are you a Christian?” It just showed! I wanted to be like her.

As I was trying to decide how to go forward in college, I found that medical lab technology wasn’t going to bring me the joy of serving my Lord like being a teacher would – and being a MUSIC teacher was also right in line with my passion for music. I DID great things in music and I FELT I could be like that one teacher I remembered from high school. So, in great fear, I approached my course selection for the next semester – in tears!!!!!!! WHY?!!! Because I wanted to do as my parents wanted, but I wanted to do what I felt called to do. Serious conflict was raging in me!

A college counselor saw my anxiety and sternly during this ordeal, and suggested I listen to MY heart and do what I wanted with MY education. It was for ME, not my parents. He lead me to the counseling table and laid out my future music education degree path and helped me select my courses. I then went home to tell my parents that I am doing what I felt was “disobeying”  them. I felt horrible and sad. But I was feeling liberated in going into music education! So I picked my dad to be the one to tell – the one who would be less emotional about it. My dad took it very well, in fact. That was a surprise. He just looked up from his paper, heard my declaration that I would be paying for college now – for the classes that would lead to a music education degree. I couldn’t expect them to pay for something they totally disagreed with. They could continue in paying for any other courses. He just said “ok”.  That was that. Now, if I told this to my mom, it would have been a very emotional scene. I asked dad to tell her for me and I think he did. My mom, was raised by a single mom, who struggled as a teacher, and who went on to be educated to be a principal. My mom didn’t want that for me. Money never was a prime goal in my choice of career. Helping young kids grow and be mentally, emotionally, and independently strong was my prime goal. The choice of being teacher just didn’t fit many people’s idea of being on the path of success.

By the time I finished my courses in music education, I was on the Dean’s List and a talented musician and teacher. I taught instrumental music – and struggled in it – for 3 full-time years and 7 part-time years as I had met my husband when I was teaching, and started a family. I found myself helping young people find ways to trust God in their lives, saved one from wanting to commit suicide later in her adults years because of her memory of our conversations and my love for her when she was my student, and today I am still in touch with her, 30 years later! I have been that teacher that I wanted be like back in high school. Today, I am still a very good musician,  was asked to play clarinet 2x with this city’s Symphony Orchestra, lead a church choir for over 20 years, supported the young people who wanted to be in my choir and pray for them today as they now lead adult lives.

There will always be the “nay-sayers” to you pursuing your dream or passion. Whose inner voice are you going to listen to? That inner voice you may think is very important. It could be your parents. I heard my mom’s voice inside me for many many years into my adulthood.  I continued in not wanting to disappoint her or make her unhappy with me. I made my self-concept dependent on how she thought of me. I never felt worthy or capable of doing what I had a passion for outside of music because of the negative self talk, that inner voice, I heard her “voice” in my head.  I learned through therapy that I was allowing this to make myself miserable. It need not be that way at all. It was OK to listen to MY VOICE, my own INNER VOICE and act on what I felt was in my best interest.

YOU are responsible for the totality of your life. Your choices are to be for you. Others will do the same and if they aren’t making decisions based on their own needs they may be giving away a valuable right to being the one who God created them to be. If you listen to YOUR creator – God – you will be listening to the One that made you – He is your “creator”, listen to HIS voice,  He knows you through and through. He wants what is best for His creation – YOU! Become the person you always “dreamed” you could someday become. I finally did.  Yes, a bit late in life, but I have and am still becoming, who He created me to be.  I am a child of God. So are you.


Social Focus by CG – Cheryl, is also a coach. She works with business owners to build their mindsets so that it will reflect the results they desire in their business through their social media. Cheryl is not a therapist, but has had her own life trials that have brought wisdom and match that with her training to be a coach, she gets results. Her client’s social media begins to grow and show the culture that thrives and creates greater business opportunities. If you would like to chat with Cheryl about the possibility of receiving social media coaching WITH coaching or just coaching, Cheryl “as an app for that” — no, Cheryl has a program for that. Contact her at: to make arrangements for your free inquiry call for coaching! 


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