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10 Tried & True Ways to Integrate

Your Social Media Into Your Marketing


To integrate your social media into your regular marketing plan may not have been at the forefront of your business if you are just beginning or even if you are a veteran. It is as simple as asking people to “check in” on Facebook to let others know that they have come to your store! Being Top-of-Mind and making the Word-of-Mouth work is what “social” media is all about. Here are some easy but no less valuable ways to integrate social media into your general marketing scheme.

1.   Website - Show the same visual elements that are on your website be seen also in your social media. This will add a connection to both. When they leave one social media platform and come to your website, they see common pictures, or logos or your profile picture – they will be the same.

2.   WordPress  users - Use WordPress for your integration – make sure your blog is posting out to your social media sites by use of the SHARE plug-ins available within WordPress.

3.   Visual - Share activity of your business through pictures/images – of happy customers purchasing your service or product, of a picture of your customer service rep of the week, of the charities where you are actively participating, of a picture of the “first person with the smiling face” that your clients see when they come in, or even the smiling face of the first customer walking in your door, etc.

4.   Keywords - Use specific keywords or even hash-tags that are common to your niche in both website, and social media. They are searchable and will bring you up in on Google page!

5.   Social Media Variety - Are you using social media to drive traffic to your website that will encourage opt ins for – newsletters, free tips, special videos series, free products or services, etc..  Post out that you’ve just released your digital emailed newsletter and attach a link to sign-up for future newsletters.

6.   Email Signatures - Do you have your social media sites linked and suggested with a Call to Action on your email signatures? Make sure that they are LIVE links too. Easier for your potential clients to connect.

Email Integration for your social media

7.   Apps - Would your business benefit from an app that would be handy and at the ready for any last-minute changes in your business offerings?

App social media integration Best Buy

8.    Signage - Facebook or other social media signage – Are you asking your customers that visit your location to LIKE you and visit you on your social media? LIKE us on Facebook Sign.

Social media integration signage

9.    Newsletter social presence - Be sure to integrate your social media into your newsletters and other handouts so that they have the appropriate SHARE buttons and Links through icons of your social media to spread you social media influence.            

FOCUS on Your Business newsletter integrated social media through MailChimp. 

Social Focus by CG Social Media Icons

Newsletter integration FIND

10.   Cross-link your social media platforms! – Are you on Pinterest? Intagram or Twitter? Are you mentioned on those platforms your social media links to Facebook or your website? How are your potential clients/fans/friends/”lurkers” going to find you if you don’t tell them! Be sure to optimize each profile bio with links to varies social media platform LINKS! Remember to keep it easy!

Cross linking integration

There are so many ways to incorporate social media into your marketing, and this is just some of the most common and easy to set up.

Have you done some clever, unique integrations? Share with us what you did. Comment on that below!



The Sales Funnel: Your Plan of Action -Pt 2

by CHERYL GNAD on September 29, 2014

Sales Funnel Plan of Action

The Social Media Styled Sales Funnel

Part 2 -Your Plan of ACTION

Now you are ready to put your Sales Plan of Action into “action”. A few more steps of preparation are needed, but now you are ready for the easy part. All you have to do is have your email sequence set up to send automatically to your list – you will be updating it as time goes forward too! Any responses that come in late you save for the next campaign. 

Create your website pages

  • a “Thank you for your order” if your email doesn’t already have one
  • a “Solution To the Problem” webpage – like the one on the email, (same images and same words) – with opt-in form to get download link
  • a “Free Offer of ___(your offer)___” with copy to go with it, again similar to email (same images and same words), with opt-in form to get link to download eBook/paper from.
  • The Book Offer, here is where you can buy it! With opt-in form to get Ordering Link.     

Hide these pages so that they are only access-able to those who filled out opt-ins. 

Create your Free Offer.

Be sure this free offer has the link to the Book Offer, and exclusive discount in the price as a Thank You because they ordered through the free offer.


Plan of Action_ Social SitesCreate your social media campaign.

Now your Plan of Action is to begin to share these offers towards the ultimate sales of your book!

  • Write posts of examples – short segments of your book. Quotes. Phrases. Add known stories that go with the topic of the book. Have 2 per day out of 10 posts a day.
  • Post your graphics that you’ve made – quote graphics, book graphics, and other graphics that relate. 1-2x a day.
  • Place quote graphics into your Pinterest board – under the board that was created for just YOUR current book that you are promoting. Name your Pinterest board the name of the book. Also PIN quotes graphics into a board that is for your other books as well.
  • Write posts that fit into Linkedin – informative, problem-solution type posts. Post optimum time in LINKEDIN.
  • Integrated social media – have print brochures or cards on how to get book and layout wherever possible – networking events, doctor offices or waiting room space etc. Be sure these have your social media links listed and the Call To Action that is DEFINITELY noticeable!
  • Find related stories in the news feeds or articles from websites that can enhance your promotion. Only mention your book as a solution to the problem. You don’t need to provide the link to website.
  • Create headers on Twitter and Facebook that promote book and the website of where to order it!

Get Book reviews.

  • Request from Facebook friends if anyone would like to do a review of your book. Ask if they wouldn’t mind if review was seen on book promotion websites or used in social media.
  • Re-post any book reviews throughout your social media and on your webpages.

Put the Plan into ACTION!


Begin posting in social media about this easy-to-get information that pertains to the topic of the book.  Direct them to your blog with opt-in form.

Create Facebook Ads that are only Post Promotions for this. Promote the posts that pertain to book topics. Remember 20% rule for text on ad image.


This is an email that is sent to your current contacts list and of those who opt-in from your posts that you put out on your social media.

Just write the email telling them about who you are. Be fun, personable, and endearing. You will want to invite them to engage with you by leaving a comment on your website (give them a link to blog where they can opt-in for more of your great information.)

Day 3 – DIRECT

Now you can be DIRECT in telling your audience about a solution that you have for a problem that they have.  In a brief email – direct them to the fuller explanation to the benefits of this solution.  Have a call to action to connect back with you for future emails, (be sure to explain what those emails will have in them).  Have an opt-in form at the bottom of your website page that the email pointed them to. Be sure to provide information that is oriented to the WII-FM (what’s in it for me).

Include this email as a post, too! Direct them to the website page that the email directed them to, that has the opt-in form. Word this as “what’s in it for me” as well.

Again, create a Facebook Ad that promotes posts that pertain to book information or WII-FM or direct these ads to website book opt-in squeeze page.


Best if this was on a Wednesday. In an email – this is time to RESET; bring VALUE to your audience with a topic of their interest. Oh!!! Be sure to include a “P. S.” at the end of the email, that tells about how this book or eBook, will further answer their questions or answers the problem that they have.

Post the same, as modified for a Facebook post though. Include a CTA – call to action at the end of post.

Create a Facebook Ad that promotes WII-FM (what’s in it for me) or direct these ads to website book opt-in squeeze page.


This is where you handle those that didn’t opt – in, as well as, those that did.

Day 5 – OFF!

Take the day off! You’ve done a lot of work and now you need to evaluate how it worked and what didn’t work. Review and catch up on things that you’ve missed. Take that break!

Day 6 –  Wild Card #1

Day 7 – Wild Card #2

Wild Card day #1 - this is if everything worked out great. You are saying “Wow! Holy Cow! Look at the response! This Plan of Action worked!”  If this is the case, to those that responded send them another email with more great content that comes from the book your are wanting them to consider buying! By now, if they are following and engaging, they are open to the idea of purchasing your book. Go back through the steps #1 – #4. This is your chance to encourage them with great content that the purchase answers their needs! Have that last call to action!

No Facebook posting for this.

Wild Card day #2 -  this is for the folks that didn’t respond, where the work previously didn’t do the job of bringing them in for the opt-in. Offer a special sale, a FLASH sale, of special offer from a PARTNER. (Worked out before hand – but it’s a 2nd best option). This offer is totally different from your offer and wouldn’t compete.

No Facebook posting for this.

Or you opt to not email them at all!

Day 8 – OFF!

  • This is another day of rest – your day OFF.
  • Rest
  • Reset
  • Begin a New Campaign!



Just know that there isn’t just ONE plan that works – in fact, there are so many,  that you could do a bit mix and match. The Plan of Action for this article was to put together an outline or day-to-day task-list bringing all of this together with the knowledge that this won’t lead you off-track of your goal of sales coming in. Keeping your product or eBook in front of mind for those interested. Keeping it easy.

Social Focus by CG wants to help you to succeed in business! Social media is one way – a very crucial way – to advertise! It doesn’t work like print advertising, but very similar. The greatest benefit of social media marketing is that is will solidify many relationships for you and you will be reaching those who truly want your business! “Be Seen, Be Heard, and Be Found!”



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