Psychology of Color - colored pencils

How to Use the Psychology of Color to Grab

Your  Audience’s Attention!

Stop counting crayons, just draw pictures. ~Mark Scharenbroich

Life is about using the whole box of crayons. ~RuPaul


The Psychology of Color began to work on me long time ago. How do you feel when you see a new box of crayons? Are you excited? I have ALWAYS loved the beginning of the school year because I got to pick out new boxes of crayons for my kids! But it all began when I was getting, MY OWN, first set of crayons! The larger the box of crayons – the better! I would just marvel at the colors that we got to choose from. My favorite color set were the blue-greens. Oh, what a beautiful set of choices! Buying for my own kids and watching them marvel was just as exciting for me. I could hardly be successful in keeping them out of the box until the first day of school!

Why such joy in a box of crayons? Yes, it was related to doing something fun, however, I believe it was more than just that. It was the Psychology of Color – realizing what those colors did for my own emotions! Those Colors helped me to express my own feelings, and helped me to share myself to others. Color is also an influence of the cultural use of colors around them. Artists have long known that colors can dramatically affect your moods, your feelings, or emotions. Today, I am still very much in tune with those affects and work hard to utilize them in my business.

That is what the Psychology of Color can do for your business too. Using it can help your target audience to experience their own sense of emotion as they “feel” their relatedness to the colors you share or use to represent your company or products! Like a post that I did earlier this week on Facebook, it said – colors speak louder than words. Artistic photographers know this and know how to use filters to create certain moods in their photographic art.

Creating the right graphic – matching the colors to suggest your desired result.

Ask yourself this –

  • What kind of mood do I expect my customer to bring to my graphic/website/call to action?
  • What color is going to change the emotions that my customer brings with them to my website/graphic/call to action so that they take the desired action I want?
  • What color best fits MY branding?
  • What color best fits MY mood or personality that I want to portray in my business?

Note the words – mood, emotions, branding and personality. Use them to indentify your IMAGE.

Consider Warm or Cool colors.

Warm colors range from in the Red area of the spectrum to the orange and yellow, while the Cool colors are at the other end – the blue, purple and green. The emotions associated with the warm colors range from feelings of warmth and comfort but include anger, anxiety and frustration, even hostility! Colors in the cool range bring calm, peace, freedom  but also include sadness or indifference.

piktochart_greatvisualsSo how might you use color to persuade your clients into action?

Please note. The suggestions made here in this article or any other article is actually still very “unscientific”, merely strong indicators of influence. Many are still seeing exceptions to the rule, but I am sure you yourself are influenced by the presence of color.

Branding is an important area for creating a marketing identity of a business. The more you use a certain set of colors to identify yourself to, the easier it is for your customers to “see” you and recall how they felt about you in the marketing or social media “crowd”.  Many have tried to classify exactly what emotions the color evoke. However, remember, color is subject to personal experiences and is not something UNIVERSAL to all. Yet, people often cite color as a main reason for making the choice that they made in their purchasing decision. The main criteria that we can make is “does it fit” the product being sold? Yet, for your business recognition, color is paramount! You may want to stand out, but your company personality or mood is subdued or calming – let’s say for a Therapist’s business. They would probably opt for a more calm, reassuring color – choosing from the cool colors rather than warm, especially orange or red! Can you imagine what kinds of conclusions the client may have in that situation?

 See graphic below (from  The Psychology of Color in Marketing and Branding). 

Psychology of Color Emotion Guide



Can you describe YOUR personality in your company?






Gender Differences

Let’s consider the Psychology of Color for gender differences. In this category think about is the gender preference – “who are your customers? Men or women?”  If your audience is most likely female rather than male, then your choice of colors may more on the TINTS  side and of the softer side of any color. Men, on the other hand, like bolder – brighter colors, they may even be mixed with black to create SHADES. Let’s take a quick test –

Psychology of color eco conscious women

How about? –

Psychology of Color Surfing Males

Answers – B for the top and A  for the bottom illustration.

Design 101 | Harness the Poser of Color in your Marketing

 Conversion rates

The Psychology of Color  can influence your purchase button on your website’s landing pages for purchasing of products may seem like an important place to carefully choose your perfect color! After all, this is the ONE decision that you want to have influence on, right? Again, the color alone isn’t the influence, but the isolation of that button against the rest of the web page! You will more than likely want to have a Button that “stands out” from the rest of the text/page where it is easy for the customer to find it and decide quickly. It must stick out!! 

Let me make a point here. Studies have shown that people DO have a preference to color combinations! (You really don’t what bad combinations or a hodge-podge of colors to make yourself stand out! Heaven forbid!). Read – Aesthetic Response to Color Combinations and Consumer Preferences for Color Combinations to learn more on this. The point is to use complementary, triadic or analogous colors.

Psychology of Color kissmetrics_colorcoordination

  Thanks to Kissmetrics for this graphic.

Color Name Labels

As you peruse your color choices for your branding , don’t be persuaded by the NAME of the color itself. Often times there is a science to naming colors for the marketing trend to take off! I found, when I worked in the marketing department at The Coleman Company, that the designers would rattle off the year’s trending colors! Of course, their color swatches were gorgeous, but their names were equally or MORE exotic! In the world of identifying the trending colors – if the names were more creative or bizarre the more attention it got and were requested by manufacturing designers!  If you are wanting to be “trendy” – check out as a source of great material for your trending color schemes. Read Introducing Rose Quartz and Serenity for this year’s (2016) trending colors!

 In conclusion –

As indicated, the value of the use of color to predict someone’s action is rather arbitrary, but some of it IS predictable. You do have to understand what makes a good color combination though and having a good designer to help you through those combinations is encouraged! You will want to keep your company branding to be most appealing to your target audience for your business. You want to be recognized quickly, have that positive emotional reaction in your potential customer, and have color that will entice them to buy in order to solidify that “pleasant” experience for them to REPEAT or RECOMMEND you to others! In the end, you want that PLEASANT experience to override the memory of your competitors, and using a little PSYCHOLOGY OF COLOR can help you do just that!



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Also, 90% of any visual content is transmitted to the brain. I wouldn’t want any less of the message to be transmitted or conveyed to my brain if our road signs were as important as they are!

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Knowing the tricks and the psychology of your visual content is crucial to your marketing.

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