Sensually Learning About Your Social Media Audience

by CHERYL GNAD on July 30, 2014

Sensually Learning About Your Social Media Audience


1x1.trans Sensually Learning About Your Social Media Audience

I want to take you on a mental and sensual journey today. Often times we don’t take the time to be aware of our surroundings or our neighborhood or even the people we come in contact with. Too often we exist in Social Media without totally being aware of the “neighborhood” or  who are audience is, those we are actually relating too. I shall be making a comparison for you. Bear with me….

1x1.trans Sensually Learning About Your Social Media AudienceLet’s take a walk together.

Mornings are such a marvelous time of the day! Particularly this morning. I saw that the morning was going to be cool, so I decided to take my walk this morning. I hadn’t been for a couple of weeks and for my current health circumstances it is important for me to get out and get exercise. (My health story is long one, so look for a future blog on that).  In the past, I’ve taken my walks in the evenings and have done the same as I did this morning, but I found it to be a totally different picture or experience! I challenge you sometime to do this yourselves. As I walked, I took inventory of what was going on around me with all of my senses that I could. Astounding! This is what I found.


Imagine and join me on my sensual walking tour:


It is early morning, and the sun it up. Most of those who go to work have already left home and now the neighborhood is quiet. Well, so you think. Only a few cars are moving around, but mostly they are the lawn care people. Their trucks and trailers jangling and the SMELL of musty cut grass floats by my nose. Because i notice their work, I pay attention and search for cut grass fragrance. I find it. Upon taking in that scent I am thrown back into my childhood, when I was 3-6 years old, I lived in Hawaii. There the grass was ALWAYS being cut, year round! So you would SMELL cut grass all the time! Fresh, crisp, cool GREEN SMELL! (Can one actually smell GREEN!? In this case, yes!) This time of day I am not smelling any cooking SMELLS  wafting in the air, but in the evening I do. I suppose it is because breakfast is already done and cereal just doesn’t reach my nose!


Now I turn to sensing what I HEAR. I haven’t done this too often deliberately. Often we just run through our day never really taking notice of the sounds around us, except when it is annoying or too loud! This morning it was my feast! Not that it was cacophony, it wasn’t. My neighborhood has lots of trees so the birds are chirping and singing in all kinds of happy sounds. Every so often, I would hear the coo-coo of the doves. They resonate over the neighborhood! But they are so – calling to me. The wind is lightly blowing, even that I can hear! How can that be? Oh, it is the leaves rustling against each other! Different tree types, different leave rustles. Hmmm. never notice that before. This reminds me of our recent trip  (see video clip at the top and notice the trees glimmering!) to Colorado, where the Aspen trees leaves “glimmer” as they rotate back and forth in the wind behind me, as they rustle in the wind, and they sound So peaceful there!  Also, this morning, very light in the background is the sound of a motorized hum. I am presuming it is the aircraft testing at the area aircraft manufacturing center south of us. I also HEAR the higher pitch of a plane coming approaching the airport for landing.


1x1.trans Sensually Learning About Your Social Media AudienceAs I walk, I have a walking/hiking stick. The kind that looks like a ski pole without the point to stab snow, but a little rubber boot to “walk” with me! HA! This aids me when I feel awkward and especially dizzy. I have found that it is a huge source of reassurance as I walk. It helps keep me securely balanced whether I am needing it or not. This morning I decided to not use it but just carry it. This is to help train and repair my brain to fix my mental capacities for balancing my body frame. It is work. But for my sensual inventory, I realized how much relief I get once I begin to put the walking stick to use! I notice how my right foot touches the ground and how fatigued it acts. I started out spryly walking off but upon returning home, my right side is dragging more. It is a sensual TOUCH of my foot to the ground and the use of the walking stick.  (This picture is my FIRST walking stick. All wood. I got it to help me when I was on vacation in Colorado. It was a life saver!)


This is one area that I think most people take part in when they need to refresh! Yes, it takes an effort to notice what usually goes unnoticed (unSEEN), but beauty is residing next to us visually and it is extra nice to take note of it (really SEE it). On an earlier  ( I stop – I have a bird stuck in between my glass window and my screen now since opened my office window to take in more “sounds”. They haven’t noticed/SEEN that they can fly to the side to get out yet! What a hoot! Sounds? Fluttering and a few chirps as they communicate their distress! I shall coax them out….)  ok, back again…. On  earlier walks, I took in lots of visual stimuli. I SEE flowers blooming, dogs barking at me through the fence-chasing me, the leaves of a tree are shaped different from the others, there is powdered cement in the street, kids playing in yards, water is softly rippling on the ponds, and ducks floating care-free in the middle of the pond.

What does this have to do with Social Media and our audience?

1x1.trans Sensually Learning About Your Social Media AudienceToo often we approach this medium of our marketing, or any part of our business life, without really taking INVENTORY of the mental AND sensual parts. We are absorbed maybe in all the mental! OUR own mental thoughts, but not of what is “gently” (not the noise!) provided to us.

Let’s take a look at using our own senses to experience our social media world. Take SEEING for instance. SEE how people write their blogs or posts. SEE how magazines form their best headlines that grab the viewers attention. SEE the adjectives that people use to describe their feelings. SEE who shows up to your posts! SEE who shows up for your competitors or good examples of people’s posts. Are you really SEEING?

We won’t need to take too long to look at TASTE – it is rather difficult to put the words or comments of folks in your audience in your mouth to TASTE it, but you can get a “sense” of what they have a TASTE for! Social media is alive with this – watch what posts get the best engagement. This shows you what they have a TASTE for. Often it is the message of HOPE and ENCOURAGEMENT. Do you provide that?

TOUCH. What aspects of their live do they TOUCH? Their childhood experiences? How to be an empowered women? Good cooking experiences? Their activities and concerns about their pet(s)? You will find that as you listen to what they like to TOUCH upon in their blogs/posts, and when you do the same, they will stay in-TOUCH with you. Good social media marketing.

Before I finish this, I need to be sure to mention that your audience can SMELL out a fake social media marketer every time, eventually. Are you being REAL, and true to yourself online and in business practices? Are you ACTING concerned but fail to DO or go the extra mile to serve your customer? Often, those that give more than is expected, win their audience over and over. Being REAL is one way to give of yourself more than maybe your competitor. Find ways to BE MORE and you will stand out. Trust me, the fragrance or SMELL of a giver, a true believer, a concerned business owner, will pay off.

What do you HEAR from your audience? Engagement is the HEARING aspect. Do you have engagement? If you are in-TOUCH, SEEING, have a TASTE of what they are seeking, then you are HEARING them.  It may seem like a vicious circle – you need engagement to experience these sensual aspects on your social media, but you need to use your sensual gifts to recognize your audience needs to increase your engagement! Ack! But never fear! You can jump on and start the “hamster wheel” turning ! Eventually, give time to really get going, you will find you are totally – SENSUALLY – involved with your social media marketing (people you’ve SEEN, SMELLED, TASTED, HEARD AND TOUCHED!)

In closing, be aware of the why you are doing social media marketing, and who you are doing it with. You are being SOCIAL. As you would with those you meet for real in life, you can do it “digitally” in your social media. And in social media you can change lives! Be REAL!



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Social Media & Connection | Meeting Maya Angelou

by CHERYL GNAD on May 28, 2014

1x1.trans Social Media & Connection | Meeting Maya Angelou



Social Media & Connection

When I met Maya Angelou she felt like – “An old friend of mine. We connected!”

Today began on a sad note. She was someone I’ve admired deeply, who now had died. Maya Angelou!  Funny thing. I considered her – a friend. I thought, “She’s an old friend of mine! I felt her love. We connected!”  But she was a hugely well-known writer, poet, actress, entrepreneur, civil rights leader, movie producer and mother , if not more. 

Why did I feel like she was a friend? Let me share a short true story.  About 6-8 years ago, I was a struggling Direct Sales Rep. I had great fears of contacting, cold calling and meeting new people to invite into my Direct Sales business. I knew that “practice makes perfect”, so I went out to “practice” to become “perfect”. (That, in itself creates lots of tension and anxiety!  To become “perfect”?).  During my lunch break I went to an area ritzy shopping center to find “people”.  I noticed what appeared to be a chauffeur wiping down a  dark limousine.  Hmmm, I wondered who came in that car? Soon, it moved up to a store entrance and out came someone to retrieve a walker and they went back in. I was curious who this was! So I entered in this fancy decorator home goods/plates/tableware store to see. I pretended to be shopping (I definitely felt out of place) and then I HEARD this voice! I KNEW and recognized it! I had heard it as a narrative voice, as a reader, and as an actress! I thought it couldn’t be! As I rounded the shelving I came to see that it was  — Maya Angelou!  Well dressed and pointing out plate ware to see to her personal assistant! One other lady approaches and is greeted warmly by Maya, and they talk. I had a decision to make. Do I mind my own business? or just go up to meet her too?  I chose the latter.

I stood by, at the fringe of this conversation. At the right moment, I stepped forward and began to introduce myself. (YIKES, what does one say to her? I didn’t want to sound stupid !) Maya turned and our eyes met. Her eyes were excited, and very welcomingly warm! She extended BOTH hands out to me and as I meant to shake with one hand, she grabbed with BOTH of hers and said “I am so very pleased to meet you!”  I felt like we had known each other for years and just found each other again! I was feeling – cherished!  There was a connection! We chatted for a short. I wanted to stay and chat more, but what does one ask such a great lady? I found it! “Tell me. I love all of your work. What project are you in the process of doing or just finishing that I might look forward to. I’d love to hear about it!” I felt I had made a return connection. She had to think for a bit, then said she had just finished producing a movie for TV called (I think) THE HARLEM BOYS CHOIR, or something very close! She said it should be showing in the next couple of months.  We talked about self-awareness and self improvement, then she had to leave.  The other lady and myself, stood there listening with great awe and admiration! We knew we were visiting with someone so very special!

Why was this visit important? Today, Maya Angelou died yesterday, May 27, 2014. But her Legacy of who she was has stayed with  me. She portrayed herself as a REAL person. She met me and “cherished” the extended hand that greeted her. She obligated herself in sharing a part of herself for the betterment of others during that visit. She made a “connection”. In fact, from reading her books, she did those very things consistently throughout her life. She learned how to make others feel important where they became important and in so doing, SHE became important! She allowed the connection.

The lesson here is to understand how you are perceived when you meet people! As an avid social media marketer, I have had to share myself with the hopes of being able to become memorable and attractive enough for others to want to do business with or through me! I learned from my experience in being greeted by Maya Angelou, how to greet others so warmly that they immediately feel comfortable and relaxed in my presence. I wanted to make connections too. Maya was a 10 minute experience of welcoming. Do I do the same? Maya left me with what she treasured. I walked away feeling like I was blessed. I knew I needed to do the same.

Today, social media is a incredible tool to touch people’s lives! Governments are changed because of social media influences. Friends made online come OFF line and are made secure! Encouragement abounds there. Just as all of the positive influences are there, so are the negative. People’s lives can be and are destroyed because of what is said on social media! But just as people’s live are enhanced, so are businesses!

One of Social Focus by CG’s goals is to give the kind of help to businesses and individuals of ways to grow and become enabled doers. Each have goals to grow and become better, but many fail because they forget who is to benefit more – their own pocket books or other’s lives?

I will be writing articles/blogs on this subject about that connection with your audience. How to make social media that “warm double handed” hand shake online, where people will want to stick around to get to know you better so that THEY can receive some benefit of the relationship. So if you are a business product or service, this means you serve them first and they will return to serve you! There are so many posts and blogs on HOW-TO “get” more customers, and “make” sales happen. There will be some technical, and a lot of personal grooming to be the kind of person we all would want to do business with. It will help you to make “a connection”.

Stick around! Share this article and let’s create an excited group of like minded folks. Be sure to come over to my Facebook Page,, to introduce yourself, to connect and so we can start to make a great relationship  – that “double handed” hand shake is waiting for you there!

May God bless you this day!

Cheryl Gnad of Social Focus by CG


Original Photo by: Florian Berger  -  Creative Commons License (
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