“What You Think About Comes About”

by CHERYL GNAD on January 18, 2019

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Positive Mental Attitude Journal coaching / Social Focus by CG

Recently, I was in conversation with a young lady. She never seems to be depressed about anything, She seemed to have a positive mental attitude. Yet she still struggled to view life in a positive way…day to day. She does experience the joys of each day. As she looks forward to “tomorrow” (no further than tomorrow, it seems) she sees struggle, frustration, being tired, stressed, lack of accomplishment, lack of recognition, nothing to look forward to without it being expensive, and that things are just beyond her reach. Because of this “outlook”, she suffers physical stress on her body and now she has health problems.

Many her age consider this as “adulting”, just a normal stage of their life. But must it be the “norm” of your daily living? No. What can she do? What can anyone do? People of all ages and stages in their life face disappointments, failure and struggles. Yet, you see others who seem unfazed by it all. How can the young lady above become positive in her daily outlook?

Positive, yet still suffering negative…

I, myself, was one who “looked” positive and even sounded positive, but that very “positivity” caused me much grief! Yes, believe it or not! I felt like I had to measure my every step towards success. If it didn’t happen as I had planned, I had failed in some way. I soon saw myself as lacking successes all around and looked for answers as to why in other people.

I gained some great and awesome understanding friends and mentors. Yet, as much as they wanted to help, I struggled in a big way interiorly. I believe I was even depressed from it. I found myself crying in moments of solitude and thoughtfulness. Why couldn’t I do the very things I KNEW would make me successful?! I had NO CLUE! I had very wise words spoken to me about P.M.A. – Positive Mental Attitude. It was a “theory” that I wanted to be true, but I saw it as a good “theory”.

I found some help

Eventually, I was fed up with my state of constant sadness and self-deprecation. I sought even deeper help of a lady that I met via social media first then in person. We met for lunch for the first time to get to know each other. It was 4+ hours later and we were fast of being friends. She was a Psycho-therapist and I was a social media manager/network marketer. This new friend was the first to say she totally understood my mental outlook. She knew what was going on with me, and that she could fix it. WOW!!! it can be fixed!?

I did therapy through her and another therapist and found out why I was suffering so. I had years and years of built up beliefs in my incapabilities. Outside confirmation by others led me to believe that it was so. I was taught that those belief systems that I attached myself to were LEARNED not inherited and that they could be unlearned or let go. It didn’t have to be so. I didn’t have to be weak, unsure, but yet talented. Believeing that I wasn’t able to perform at a high enough level to be of any good wasn’t necessary either. I didn’t have to question myself at every move wondering why or why not. Then end up saying it was “my fault” as if I had no other choice. It was my fault because I didn’t know I had a choice and could change my outcomes.

Positive Mental Self-Talk Is Not a theory but a science!

One book put me on the path of learning how to make changes in my life. That was What to Say When You Talk to Yourself, by Shad Helmstetter, Ph.D.. It showed me how my self-talk was often negative. I became aware of it. Yet, all of this was “theory” still for me. It felt good to ponder on the possibility of changing for the better but it didn’t sink in until AFTER my therapy sessions. The WHY of why I was the way I was, wasn’t a barrier to who I wanted to be anymore but the language of positive self-talk hadn’t become a habit yet. But it was becoming more and more so for the next 5 years! That is a long time.

Recently, I was introduced to another book – The Power of Neuro-plasticity, and again, it was by Shad Helmstetter!!! I knew the name! The person reviewing this book swore on its principals and the science on how your brain works to create your mindset. I had a health crisis a few years before that had rendered me with brain damage. I had been studying how the brain works so this book was NEXT on my list to read. So I read it. I then KNEW, with confidence, that a person’s (my own) mindset can change the outcomes in their life! I believed it because of the SCIENCE behind it. NO MORE THEORY!!!

Time to “rewire” the brain for positive thoughts?

So now I know what to say to this young lady. She needs to read this book – for sure. She needs to understand that she had created these “channels” or pathways of thought. These are then easily guided there because of pure habit. They often lead you to even a more NEGATIVE territory which becomes bigger and bigger with time. It is more work to move out of but you can. You can create pathways from the start with just the decision to make a new path with a positive thought. By making these changes you are REWIRING your brain. It will change your attitude about things, which will lead you to positive rewiring and new pathways again! It will bring you closer to your “norm” of positive thinking; something you thought nearly impossible. Now you are coming closer to having a Positve Mental Attitude. All you have to do is, to begin with, a positive thought —

“…previously dormant positive programs, chemically and electrically networked them together, gave you a burst of chemical stimulant, and immediately infused your attitude with a renewed sense of positive belief.”

…from The Power of Neuro-plasticity.

Have a change in…attitude!

So, by changing your attitude with P.M.A. (positive mental attitude) you can change the outcome of your thoughts! In working and reworking that channel of positive thought, you change the belief and then ADD to that channel of thought! It works on itself and produces MORE of what you would want. This isn’t a quick solution or answer to any problem, but just in knowing that “it isn’t stuck in cement!”, that is is fluid and changeable is hope enough for many folks!

Finding help with coaching

Sometimes you don’t know when you are “stuck” in the negative. It takes another caring individual (or a life-coach) to kindly put that mirror in front of you and give you a sense of hope. They can give gentle direction on how to change your thought patterns. I’ve recommended a simple therapy program before – coloring books! Today, that is easy and inexpensive. It will get those negative thoughts that are swirling around in your mind a chance to “vaporize”. You will begin to open up your mindfulness to planting more hopeful, positive thoughts that will get you further and give you energy. Try it! You will love the change it can bring!

Just a NOTE of cheer. I am sending you HAPPY NEW YEAR THOUGHTS which are being planted in my own mind for my future! Blessings to you all! Start practicing some P.M.A. – Positive Mental Attitude!


Using Storytelling in Marketing

by CHERYL GNAD on March 29, 2018

dreary view out of a window from a dark room

“It was a dark and dreary night and the wind was blowing in gusts that caused the leaves to fall off the trees and thrash across my window. It was the beginning of…..”

Using Storytelling in Marketing

to Tap into Your Customer’s Imagination


As a child, story time, or that part of the day when the teacher did some storytelling about something exciting that happened, was a time that would open the mind to all kinds of images in the imagination. It was very exciting! Often it was far better than any images shown you from the book. Right? You may even have found you and your friends reenacting the story or pretending to be the characters of the story! This is the essence of storytelling! This creates the same results in your marketing.

Using storytelling in your marketing will conjure up images or ideas that are REAL to the listener! It becomes THEIR STORY, not yours if done well.

Their problems are symbolized in YOUR telling of a story and the finding of an answer to a solution of a heartfelt problem they want to be solved. YOU became the problem-solver. Then your business becomes the go-to person or company for solving their “itch”. Now you benefitted, as long as your solution “matched” what they “envisioned”.

How to trigger their imaginations to work for you.

There are many ways to incorporate storytelling but one thing for sure is to not make it all about you and your accomplishments! Create stories that may have been yours but your problem is like THEIR problem and your solution is one that they can use in their own working out the solution. Elements that will help you trigger their imagination are:

  1. Bring your audience INTO the story – like THEY ARE THERE!
  2. Help your audience to engage with their emotions that stem from the story. Invite with words like – “imagine”, “can you see it?”, “visualize”, “picture this”, “create the dream of…”
  3. Stick to the “short and sweet”, don’t go into too many details. You will lose them. Give them 3 short details and then leave the rest to your audience’s imagination. Only give them what matters most.
  4. Spark their emotions – get their buy-in or support to solving the dilemma presented in the story.
  5. Be sensual – i.e. use SIGHT, SOUNDS, FEELINGS, and TASTE. Be very descriptive.
  6. Grab your audience’s attention by beginning in the MIDDLE of the story! This is where the interesting things are already happening! The audience will follow you to the beginning to figure out how they got there!

Also, consider having these five elements in your STORYTELLING.

Storytelling in Social Media

Social media is basically a conversation. However, you need to grab their attention with – a story! Marketing via social media is the same as using storytelling as a marketing tool in blogs, websites, emails or in conversation. In social media, the use of the video truly aids the work of your storytelling. The suggestions still apply!

Good stories are meant to surprise us. They make us think of how we would feel. Stories stick in our minds far better than numbers, statics or graphs! Create pictures!

Video Storytelling

Storytelling -Woman expressing herself with arms raised upI mention video storytelling because the video is becoming very predominant in our social media marketing. If using a video, determine the “mood” that you wish to create. Keep the story short for social media posts. Certain platforms have places for the videos and each has their own time limits. Apply adjectives, make that into a list. Choose an adjective or two and assign a color or location that seems to depict the mood. Set your dialog to resemble the idea that you are wishing to match. Be sure to take a variety of short videos so you can piece them into a sequence that will take the viewer through each step of the story. Don’t worry about making the ONE video shot do all the storytelling. A variety of angles and focus will help make the story happen during editing.


“You can upload videos with unlimited bitrates, up to 1 Gigabyte in size. The max file size and time length, though, are 1.75 GB and 45 minutes. But if you go beyond a 1 gig file size, then you must limit a 1080 HD upload file to a max bitrate of 8 Mbps, and a 720 HD file must be limited to a max bitrate of 4 Mbps.”                                   (https://www.facebook.com/help/community/question/?id=10201608980132763)

Facebook Ads

Facebook ads have a different “story” for their success. Here is a chart to help you figure out the optimum time or length of a video ad, which has become very popular. The shorter the better. See the chart below on Facebook videos.

Storytelling video - completion rates


Facebook LIVE videos

When you do your Facebook LIVE, it then will convert to a video recording automatically on Facebook. This is deemed the best form to get great engagement in Facebook. (NEW algorithm as of April 2018 caters to this). Facebook LIVE does its own conversion into a recording for you on Facebook. You will also note from the chart above that it gets the highest length watched – 44% dropped off after 30-60 sec. However, the greatest number of people, 46%, dropped off at < 15 sec.  Which is why Facebook created STORIES for up to 20 sec. – see below.

Facebook Stories

There are a variety of types on Facebook that enhances the engagement level. Facebook Stories will create short video clips. By adding to the story with short clips you create a “storyline” that will move from one clip to the next on Facebook. Compare Facebook to the other Stories of Instagram and SnapChat. Most Stories in each will last only 24 hours, then disappear, so be sure to cultivate them on a separate system to keep them for a future use.

  • Facebook  – 20-second clips
  • Instagram – 15-second clips
  • SnapChat  – 10-second clips


Live Video: 1 hour
Video Post to Your Instagram Profile: 1 min
Video Post to Your Instagram Story: 15 seconds


Keep your videos short. Under 3 minutes, but know that the first 30 sec. are crucial if you want your audience to watch more. Most will only watch the first 30 sec. so get the important message out by that time frame.


The most popular video form is those of Youtube. A video with good engagement and activity run between 1 – 10 minutes. A large window of time but it fits with the limited attention span of most views.

“On an average day… we found that in the top ten most popular YouTube videos, the shortest was 42 seconds, and the longest was 9 minutes and 15 seconds. The average video length was 4 minutes and 20 seconds,” reported MiniMatters.

A great article to read for further information on the video lengths for each platform is from Nishi Sood: How Long Should Your Video Be? 

Now you can see how each “video” supporting platform is using video. They KNOW that the attention/reach/and engagement are higher with video. Your message WITHIN your story has to be enticing to keep them and it needs to be delivered in the first 30 seconds in most cases! So, be sure to “get to the point” fast!

Longer videos

When you finally get the luxury of holding your audience’s attention with long videos, like for a popular series, a presentation, or coursework/webinar, you will want to set up your Story in this format.

  • Setting
  • Characters
  • Conflict
    • BIG IDEA
  • Solution/Resolution

(If done in a presentation, avoid using just bullet points. Those are boring! Again, the spewing of facts and data will soon put your audience to sleep! Tell a story!)

When doing a presentation or a talk on stage that shares about you – begin STORYTELLING!

  1. Tell as much as to who you are as much as what you do. What is your MISSION?
  2. Tell stories that MATTER!
  3. Tell STORIES that contain moments of EMPATHY and emotion!
  4. Tell the STORY in order for you to WIN! – Close the deal or bring about a business victory! This is the CTA (call to action) for your audience to consider.

Marketing via a video will be a huge part of your arsenal of reaching your customers. Video shows who you are in a much more intimate way. Connection via the emotions to their problem and bringing about a solution through YOUR expertise in a concise form, with a bit of education or entertainment, will grant you the success you desire. So are you “READY?” then “ACTION!”


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