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Social Media needs a unique, personal, but eye grabbing visual presence for your business to thrive on social media today. Your message if in a graphic image communicates 60,000x faster than any textual content of that same message. Take this test – Which communicates to you most clearly and quickly? The picture or the text?

children crossing sign slippery when wet sign throw trash here sign
Look here! Are there children here at this crosswalk or crossing here? Beware! Caution! Roads are slippery when wet! Drive carefully! There is a receptical for your trash right here. Please put trash in receptical.

Also, 90% of any visual content is transmitted to the brain. I wouldn’t want any less of the message to be transmitted or conveyed to my brain if our road signs were as important as they are!

And 40% of any graphic image is more likely to be shared! Facebook is more likely to promote the post that is a graphic image rather than one that is just a text with a link.

Knowing the tricks and the psychology of your visual content is crucial to your marketing.

With this workshop, you will learn more about the –

  • Psychology of color
  • Graphic composition – what is more attractive to the mind
  • Color matching/combinations
  • Trends for 2016
  • Tools to make the amateur look like a professional graphic designer (I apologize to my graphic designer friends for letting the “cat out of the bag”!)

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Creativity – the Where, How and Why Of It

by CHERYL GNAD on February 3, 2016


Creativity –

The Where, How, and Why of It.

That secret “sauce” in finding fresh ideas!

Being in the midst of Creativity is one of my most favorite interior places to b. I’ve developed this “muscle”, if one can call it that. I have been a musician since…well, before 4th grade! That is when I first learned to play a clarinet, but even before that I fell in love with Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker Suite at the age of 3 or 4. I loved to watch the ballet when it was on TV and I would dance, dance, dance, with the orchestral music! By the time I was in Junior High I was listening to LPs of orchestra works, directing those orchestral pieces with a knitting needle and wanting to play my clarinet in a real orchestra (I played in the school’s orchestra though).  In high school I continued to excel in orchestra and band, and wanted to do more art which I also loved to do as well.

As you can see, my musical imagination was running rampant in my life at an early age! Since then, I have became a music/vocal teacher, band teacher, music history teacher, church choir director and a professional clarinetist/flutist. I thrive on directing a church choir, playing my clarinet and flute with the choir, and I love visual arts! When I got to work with marketing at a nationally known company, I fell in love with digital graphic design and photography! Again, this was a creative outlet for me! Today, I do my own graphic design for my social media marketing (nothing professionally worth bragging about but it does have value). What has driven me to pursue this and why? That is what this article is about.  Can anyone be creative? Are you creative? Let ‘s find out.

Where does creativity come from?

I listened to various TEDtalks on this subject and found Sir Ken Robinson, Phil Hansen, Tim Harford and Elizabeth Gilbert. In listening to them, I began to hear a common thread.

“Embrace the shake!”, and “Be limited, to be limitless” . ~ Phil Hansen

Phil Hansen grew up loving art but soon found that his hand shook out of control. It threatened his talent , his ability to do great art. He couldn’t even do a straight line! When visiting his neurologist, the doctor told him “why not EMBRACE the shake”?  Why not? So Phil went on experimenting on how to create art by other means – with LARGER modes of action, like hand prints, palm prints, smudging, burning, 3 dimensional structures, etc.! He WAS gifted/talented/creative! He found that he too, learned to accept the mistakes, the failures, the imperfections, or the outcomes. He found he began being in the state of “looking” for “what’s next” and it gave him MORE ideas. ( Embrace the Shake TED talk https://www.ted.com/talks/phil_hansen_embrace_the_shake?language=en#t-571311)

“If you aren’t prepared to be wrong, you can’t expect to do anything original.” ~ Sir Ken Robinson

That moment of being “wrong” or having made a mistake. Does it scare you? Will you turn around and never go there again? Or will you continue and embrace the challenging moment? When I was learning to cantor the psalms in my Catholic Mass, I felt so very vulnerable. I was at first, shaking at the knees big time! I knew I would make a mistake! But my love of music kept me going – the people in the congregation probably had no clue to the mistakes I was making EXCEPT for the look of FEAR that I portrayed initially! Soon, I learned I could just sing away, mistakes and all. It was me communicating something very important – the “original” part – of a message they wanted to hear via song. I used that energy to communicate more and be more emotional as it fit. This worked again and again as I performed my clarinet as in a solo too! In fact, I performed far better than if only at home. I felt that and loved it!  (How to Tap Into Your Creativity– TED Talks http://www.downvids.net/how-to-tap-into-your-creativity-tips-from-ted-talks-652346.html )

“Just because you don’t like it, doesn’t mean it isn’t helping you” ~ Tim Hartford

Here Tim Hartford tells about a rock band’s producer was creating award-winning albums with rock bands repeatedly. How? He used “Oblique Strategies” . He had a deck of cards that had random, goofy things for band members to do when they felt “stuck” in their album/song creation. For instance, “Change instrument roles” (band members would play other member’s instruments), “Look closely at the most embarrassing details and amplify them” (i.e. – make that mistake BIGGER!),  “Make a sudden destructive, unpredictable action – incorporate.”  These cards were disruptive to the process and the musicians truly hated them; throwing beer cans across the studio even! BUT…they made great albums! Then one of the musicians even said “Just because you don’t like it, doesn’t mean it isn’t helping you.”  In other words, don’t be afraid of the mess, the randomness. Begin problem solving, and you might find yourself creating something NEW and WONDERFUL, much more robust than ever! (How Messy Problems Can Inspire Creativity – TEDtalkhttps://www.ted.com/talks/tim_harford_how_messy_problems_can_inspire_creativity)

“Show up!” ~ Elizabeth Gilbert, Your Elusive Genius

The last of my search of great creative minds and their thoughts on creativity, I sought out Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat, Pray, Love and her latest book, Big Magic. In her latest book, Big Magic, she also asked “where do people’s creative ‘genius’ come from?” She retells a bit of the history of creative genius from the Greeks and the Romans. Greeks thought of creativity as coming from a “daemon” – the source of creativity, and the Romans called it Genius – a spirit that lived in walls. For ages, until Humanism came along after the Renaissance Period, this was the thought. But Humanism changed this and said it came from “self”! This killed off the creative spirit! Why? Because if the creation didn’t work or was a failure before Humanism, it was THEIR fault mostly! After Humanism, it became OUR FAULT!

Elizabeth Gilbert saw the sources – out there or within – present in her searches. She, herself, feels like it is a bit of both. Her creativity can almost be called upon with great focus, but then at times it is elusive, not having arrived! She says “Showing up for the job of creation” is part of the work! “Don’t be afraid! Do it. Be stubborn and love what you do”, and  be sure to “Show up!”   – Elizabeth Gilbert, Your Elusive Creative Genius –TEDtalk ( https://www.ted.com/talks/elizabeth_gilbert_on_genius )

Not finding answers to my question, “Where does creativity come from?”,  definitively, I turned to a friend of mine, Vickie Pennick, LMFT. She is a Marriage and Family Therapist and she has a passion for the artistic side of life and how it can heal the hurting soul. She has taken various trainings in how to use art in her therapy work as well. I thought she might be  a perfect source to learn this answer from. Why not the psychologist!?  Below are video segments of our talk on that very subject I had with her just the other day.

VIDEO 1 Intro and Creativity in Work

YouTube Preview Image

We talk about using creativity in your life and in your work. Vickie shares how doing art or being creative helps her clients get over the fear of failure and how it also can get your creative juices going again.

VIDEO 2 Creativity and the Fear Of Being Judged

YouTube Preview Image

Do you let your fear of being judged stop you from moving forward or getting started in a creative project? Vickie encourages us to go ahead and attempt your level of creativity. You might just surprise yourself, “get into the zone” and free up creative thinking. This is can be a way to gain confidence in yourself to make changes in your life, or business.

 VIDEO 3 Creativity Is Within YOU! (finding creativity)

YouTube Preview Image

Do you feel that you aren’t creative? Think again. Creativity comes in forms that you may not have labeled as “creative”. You just may actually be “a creative”. By practicing even the most simple form of creativity – like doing the adult coloring books – can be creative. By doing coloring books or even mandalas, get you “out of the box”, can get your creative juices flowing.

VIDEO 4 The Benefits of Being Creative

YouTube Preview Image

The benefits of doing something creative is very rewarding. Besides just bringing relieve from stress it will allow you to appreciate the “present”. Vickie shares about her artistic endeavors and how it affects her. You can also benefit from creative work.

VIDEO 5 The Use of Color – Change Your Mood – Make Yourself A Priority!

YouTube Preview Image

If you find yourself out of sorts or in a bad mood, Vickie tells us that we should immerse ourselves into so type of creative moments. You can create a better mood! She uses art therapy with her clients and shows them how to do this. She always tries to help us to “make ourselves a priority”.


Elizabeth Gilbert saw that when on culture saw someone doing a – let’s say –  a dance, very inspiringly and was really getting caught up in the “mood” and “action” of the moment.  The audience was moved by their talent and “felt” the moment too, so they would say “Allah, Allah!”, meaning  “God, God!” . He was dancing like God was with him or like he WAS God. In Spain that word has become Ole’!  For me, creativity IS a special gift of God WITHIN me (us).  He has gifted us with an imagination that takes us to places we’ve never been! That newness, that creative image/sound/action is so new it feels wonderful and exciting!

Are We Able to Be Creative On Purpose?

After listening to Vickie Pennick, Elizabeth Gilbert, and the others, I hear that, yes, you can be creative “on purpose”. The trick is to become aware where that creative side of you is. I find that my creative side comes focused and present when I perform my music through clarinet playing – the sound is transforming for me. Also, just the simple art of cartooning or doodling has been exceptionally effective! Yes, I find it happening at different levels – as I write, play or do art – but once finished I review where I’ve been and I am always pleased.

I have to say though, not all of us are meant to be “star performers or artists or writers”, however, there will be moments of great creativity that YOU will be proud of. You have to be perfect in your creativity! This is what counts! You do it for yourself – actually Vickie says this too! Your creativity will show itself – with creative thinking, art, writing, problem-solving, building, marketing strategies, singing, playing an instrument, and growing relationships! I hope you can see how all of this helps you as an individual and as a business owner with your social media.

I wish to give special thanks to Vickie Pennick for giving of her expertise in the psychology side of creativity and how we can count on the ability to use it for our own good or self-improvement.  If you are local – in  the Wichita area – Vickie does classes on how to use art therapeutically by using mandala.  Or you can find your mandala to color in any bookstore that sells adult coloring books and begin YOUR journey to finding your creative self!









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