Tips for christmas sales

It is Christmas! Well, Almost.

Tips to Get Ready for Season Sales

Guess what day is? August 25th, I know, but that isn’t what I was talking about! Hmmm, I looked it up and nothing really “oh WOW!!” stood out, except one – it is the 121st day before CHRISTMAS!!! THAT is important to me and to YOU! Are you ready for the Christmas season YET!? Probably not, I am not either, but I know it is time! Will you be getting started this year earlier or are you going to do any online season sales this year? All good questions. Do you agree?

Ditch the Excuses!

Many people make excuses as to why they aren’t doing any Christmas time sales – “ People are too busy, won’t have time to pay attention to my sale. I’ll wait until January to start”, or “folks have spent the money for gifts and things and so won’t consider my offer – they are saving their money”.

Frankly, this is just silly! Sales are going on ALL the time and the Fall and Christmas season are FULL of those who are already looking to finding ideas on decorating, communicating love to friends and family through special gifts, foods that would be fun to make for the coming season, and what NEW places are there to shop at! It is time to GET READY to “BE SEEN, BE HEARD, AND BE FOUND!”

Don’t Get Discouraged!

Actually, what happens is that YOU get discouraged and slack off because it has been hard all year to get the attention you crave or need for your business to be successful. If you had done some major planning at the beginning of this year, you would be set to go in the next 30 days for the coming season of sales. Meaning, that the focus of your sales will be changing to fit the mood and reasons for buying of your customers!

It is TIME!

Do you need to have a way to BEGIN planning for Christmas NOW? It is only 121 days, as the writing of this blog, until Christmas. Here are some great ideas to start thinking creatively.


10 Tips + ONE MORE for more season sales – start today!

1. Are you in business with other companies that need help with THEIR Christmas season sales – what can you do for them? Make that list. Reach out and do a promotion to businesses that need social sharing and might take interest in returning that favor – ASAP!

2. Begin gathering or creating your graphics and season artwork for you to use.

3. Start using lots of fun, seasonal, encouraging quote graphics – have a regular campaign of art/graphics after Thanksgiving.

4. Have a special promotion each week of ONE of your products during the season sales, and lead them to your business website for more!

5. Create a “map” of types of posts to post and begin posting more regularly or often! If you aren’t seen, you or OUT of mind, and of their Facebook feed!

6. Save $$ for your freebie offer, that leads to your purchased offer ad campaigns on Facebook. Your reach normally is now around 2% where your posts are seen organically. You have to be doing Facebook ads (the cheapest ad method out there in social media!) in order to be in your target audience’s feed!

7. Create interest in you! Bring your audience BACK to reading your posts by – suggesting great seasonal video movies. Be sure to enjoy them yourself!

8. Begin suggesting great gift ideas – and promote complementary businesses to yours for those gifts they may be selling. It shows you to be generous and worth knowing!

9. Everyone loves good food! Deliver into your social media campaigns a trickle of delicious recipes, or beverage ideas.

10. Share articles that are of highly trafficked sources that have lots of great seasonal content too – like Oprah, Better Homes and Garden, Good Housekeeping, Taste of Home, or maybe Parents Magazine. Traffic to them becomes traffic in YOUR social feeds – better for you! Oh, be sure to watch what they do for their season sales!

11. Lastly, the ONE MORE – be the best you – be REAL, and giving. “’Tis the season!” Share your business beyond anyone’s expectations. This will earn the trust of your audience so that if they aren’t ready to do business with you NOW, they will recommend you or come back later! This counts as a seasonal business transaction too, you know?! See your customers as more than the $$ and as a potential friend. They will return the favor naturally!

Happy 121 Days BEFORE Christmas! Go spread the joy! Love your customers!


An Easy Way to Make Your Videos! Repurpose Your Blogs!

Making Videos Easy with Lumen5

by CHERYL GNAD on August 17, 2017

An Easy Way to Make Your Videos

Repurpose Your Blogs!

 You have lots of content at your fingertips if you blog. The key question here is – are you blogging? I hope you are. Next question – are you making use of video on your social media? I REALLY hope you are. Videos are going to be 75% of online feed in your social media and having material to create a video is crucial and this is one way to do it – EASILY! I’ve just begun myself and it isn’t perfect yet (will it ever?) but it gets better with practice!

Here is your FAST START!

To begin, you need two things – a blog and Lumen5. It is a new company getting its “feet wet” in being on of the got to programs to implement great blog content and making it into a video. Right now, you can get in on it for FREE but you might see it needs to charge to use it if you get in later. So be sure to check it out today!

As mentioned before, making your blog into a video is simple! Especially if you have your own graphics to add to it. If not, you have plenty to choose from. Let’s not wait, but dive right in —

Open – you will find that you will have a dashboard to keep your video projects. At the top right is the button CREATE VIDEO. Click this to begin.

Lumen5 video button

On the left you will enter the blog URL that you chose to repurpose as a video. You can copy/paste it or type it in. Then Hit CREATE. Watch the magic begin!

Add blog url

Once you’ve hit CREATE, you will have a version of your blog on the left with titles and subtitles, but not formatted as such. You will begin to add them to the right side, a drag and drop each line you wish to include in the video.

Use lines that summarize the paragraph or add the POINTS of each paragraph. You are going to be able to edit anything you wish at this point. You can ADD new lines too. One thing to watch for is too LONG of a sentence. The program will alert you when this happens but be thinking of short and concise sentences for the “slide”. 

Add story lines

Here you see the indications that your chosen sentence is too long by more than 230 characters! Now you can divide that text into smaller segments or leave it to later and the video will ask you again and it will be a floating 2 or 3 segmented text on that slide.

too long of a text

Once you have added all of the key points or lines into the right side, click on the CONTINUE in the top right-hand side.


Video Images

This is the fun part for me. Lumen5 has direct access to CREATIVE COMMONS FREE images, as well as a way to retrieve your own graphics for this video. It will pull in the graphics used in the blog article too. What is especially good is that it finds related images to keywords that you have in your article – it does several areas of searches for you and makes suggestions.

Not all are going to fit YOUR blog or article that you will make into a video, but there might be something that fits and tells a great story for you! When you don’t have anything there is a photo image, it will also suggest a simple illustration that might work. Other CREATIVE COMMONS websites are also great places to search for that perfect image –,, and one that I’ve found just recently .

Sample images

EDITING Your Video


Each image is given 3-4 areas for you to edit. 1. The text – you can change the wording, sub-divide the sentences, quote it, Title, or no text at all.  You then can decide WHERE on the slide you want the text to appear.

Edit your Graphic


Also, the editing will let you add music that fits the mood of your video. Music keeps the audience tuned into your video. The get to feel the rhythm of the slide changes too. Lumen5 syncs the slide changes with the music. If you blog is a deep subject – the mood might be dark or search sounding. If it is of happy behind the scenes work, there is music that is happy, jolly, or sometimes silly. What is YOUR mood? Match that style!

 Music track list


Your Branding

Lumen5 will allow you to add branding in the form of a logo watermark on each slide or image, and you can add what image and colors that will brand you at the end. 


logo watermark


Finished Product

Now you are ready to review and PUBLISH!

 Finished know like trustTo see the REAL final result – the finished video – WATCH:













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