Here is a commentary on:  Give Yourself Credit for the Small Victories. by Meredith Bell.  GREAT READING IN THIS ARTICLE! Visit Meredith’s site “Your Voice of Encouragement”.

Confidence and encouragement toward your victories

Read this article about “encouraging yourself” . Here are some quoted sections:

“The way to build your confidence is to be on the look-out for things you’ve done well in the course of your day, no matter how small, and recognize the accomplishments.”

“So at least twice a day, take time to reflect on what you’ve done so far in that day that you are proud of.”

I once struggled with running through my day with confidence. After all, reaching out and speaking to “strangers” uninvited, was scary for me. This was MY STRUGGLE. So why did you do it, you ask? One of MY SUCCESSFUL traits, as well, was to improve myself! I am VERY goal oriented too! I just happened to fall into great business opportunities that required me to do prospecting for customers/business. I can accept meeting new people but then only IF they come up to me, but for me to “butt” in and say “hello, I’m Cheryl Gnad with …” caused me a lot of anxiety! In other words FEAR! I had no confidence in myself. So, I had to have a reason to overcome. My reason was to have control of my destiny in business, create my income/rewards, and to find ways to help other people get what they want.

I have a strong desire to create opportunities for others to improve their lives. Too many people feel stuck in their situation and struggle needlessly, and sadly. Stressed out marriages, finances are dwindling, kids are struggling in school, and families that are being pulled apart, because people can’t get answers to their own “fears” and can’t lift themselves up! You can recognize them with “I can’t”, “I will somehow”, “I just don’t know what to do”, “I’ll try”, “its impossible”, or “maybe I will win the lottery”. Another big sign of someone who are “stuck” in their downcast mental state is when you hear them play the excuses or blame game. Words like “they did it”, “they have it out for me”, “its unfair”, and anything implying that it is the others fault that they can’t do something. This is one of the hardest mindsets to help change because change is up to the one needing to make that decision to change. No one can make that decision for them.

It is a funny thing for me. Because of my own struggles meeting people, asking for their business, and desiring to be “liked”, I have worked all the more harder to overcome. Am I successful? Personally, I had not given myself a good grade. I still set high standards for myself and I “measure” my success. I spoke all too often in terms of “I must”,  “I have to”, or “I should”.  All of which once led me to not be able to measure myself successfully in.  I have a mentor/coach that says that I’ve greatly improved, and can do all that it requires of me to be successful, that I have what it takes! Others see this and attest to it, but I didn’t recognize it. So my friends and personal  mentor are invaluable to being my mirror of myself and letting me see my successes. Today, I have that confidence and recognize certain talents and gifts that propels me to my successes! I say to myself everyday, “I get to…”, “I want to…”, “I’ve successfully been able to ….” etc.! Things have changed immensely! I’ve had a great coach myself, and she was instrumental for me to recognize that I CAN BE that person I imagined myself as!

Becoming a business owner was not an overnight success or process! What it did do for me was to get me to ask the hard questions about myself and drove me to find the right answers! I was always looking to better myself, to walk in confidence. You can find that drive in you and you can look forward to meeting that challenge! I knew it would be, and I stuck it out! There were lots of “hills and valleys” to travel, but it WAS WORTH IT! It will be for you too!

Read the above article, comment on your struggles that you are overcoming or have overcome. How did you find the way toward  success in your goals? Take this advice. Treat yourself with even the smallest victories, recall them, FEEL them again mentally, and do this daily! Find a good friend/mentor to be your mirror, or a coach to help guide you to your dreams or goals, hopefully someone who is in the game of self-improvement too, and has traveled where you’ve been. Find an activity or business opportunity to practice your self-improvements in and GROW!

My business models are all about helping others – personal business ownership, social media marketing, social media coaching, and personal development. If you need a venue to practice and get the leg up to improve your life or business, give me a call or send me an email. I love working with people driven to make a change! It is just a decision.


4.5 Ways to Win Over Your Potential Customers

by CHERYL GNAD on October 7, 2015

Be Real with your customers

Are you being real with your potential customers?

4.5 Ways to Win Over Your Potential Customers

You want to win over a potential customer. You know you have a great service to offer and you are good at it. However, the people who you present yourself to just say, “no thank you”, without even hearing more about what you do. You want to say, “REALLY?! You don’t know what you DON’T know! I haven’t told you all the benefits of what I offer yet!” What do you do? What should you say? Can you change the situation?

It’s Not About You!

I’ve been in this situation, especially when I was a new or young company. I was serious in letting people learn ALL the great things that I was learning and to tell them what they didn’t know. I thought for sure that they would hop on board and want to have product or service for their business! Now, I’ve been in direct sales before and would hear “no” far more than a “yes”, so I knew that when it came to my business of social media management, I would hear no often, too. Problem. I still hated  hearing “no thank you”. I would walk away thinking, “What did I not say? Did I come across too pushy? Was I annoying?” When in truth, it wasn’t me at all! So, how to get beyond that? How do I WIN the potential customer?

#o.5 – Lay Fertile Ground

I soon came to know that in my social media business, (it is the reason I got so good at doing social media too!), people needed to hear about me, what I do and see me often! Top of mind! I needed to lay “fertile ground” for my business to grow in. I knew that once I created my reputation as a business owner and had expertise in social media, people would take me more seriously. I have had clients who had watched me for 1-2 years before they were willing to hear more about what I do. Next, I found that by my having an hour of their time to hear about THEIR business and who their target audience was, they were for more open to hearing about mine and learning “what they didn’t know”! The same is true for a regular retail customer. Through these conversations I got to know what they needed and formed my conversations and social media content around that. One of the best results is when another business owner or client finds you as a “fellow business owner” and wants to do business with you! Then you know you’ve laid “fertile ground”.

4 Things That Will Solidify The Chance For A Sale

  • 1) Believe in what you do – you have what they are looking for!

In both my Direct Sales and in my Social Media Management business, I began with lots of doubt! My first networking event to meet businesses was a near disaster! I hardly felt like I belonged there! I was sweating buckets and my shirt stuck to me. One gentleman that I knew came over to greet me and placed his arm across my shoulder and introduced me to “my potential customers”, other business owners. I was so glad he did, but I was also horrified, because I KNEW he felt my “clamminess”! I soon realized that others truly did want to know more about me. They will you too. I had to know my stuff and show confidence in myself, and SHOW IT. They WERE looking, and were checking to see if I filled a need! With my social media work, I KNOW that I have the strategies that work, and I am eager to tell others about how it can work for them! My eagerness and my confidence gives me lots of credibility.

  • 2) Gain the right kind of expertise! Know your trade!

Be  confident in offering what you DO know how to do or know what your products will do. But understand either way, it isn’t the product or service that people buy. They buy YOU! Products don’t sell themselves. PEOPLE sell products!

Know your business offerings, whether it is a service or product. Know what makes you different from the competition! This is vital! The customer is comparing. Don’t go in with the mindset that you are “new” in the business world, and may NOT know how to do something! There will be another time to share this information but not initially. Take the one thing you are so confident about, and offer that! It is better to be strong in ONE than mediocre in several. Focus on your talent, and this will boost your belief in yourself in a big way! One other point. Don’t wait until “all of your ducks are in a row”. You will be waiting a long time and the longer you wait, the more lack of confidence you will give yourself. You will be thinking “it isn’t coming together yet, is it because I didn’t/haven’t/can’t…” . These words will pull your confidence down. Again, choose one strength, talent, product, skill, or service that you are confident in and present that! The rest will come naturally after that!

Your new-found confidence is very contagious! You will gain your customers admiration, then their trust. The trust factor is what keeps them from venturing further to look at someone else. They need to trust you, but they need to LIKE you first, remember that!

  • 3) Communicate your passion and enthusiasm!

Nothing speaks louder than your own enthusiasm and belief in what you do! Do you want to share your passion and enthusiasm? I hope you do! Find ways to energize your speech to others. Find the stories that communicate what makes your world of business ROCK! Communicate via stories, offerings of tips and relate to their passion and enthusiasm. That means you need to practice at being a great listener. It isn’t just you pouring out your message; it is you listening to their message! I recall one story of when someone else said that  a business colleague they met was very knowledgeable and super informative, and a great guy! What did this other business guy do to get that raving review? All he did was listen to the other person, and comment and relate. He never got to sharing HIS business with the other at all! Curious how by listening we can seem VERY knowledgeable and confident, full of enthusiasm! And gain the sale!

  • 4) Be mindful. Offer no hype!

Give your prospective client the raw details and be aware of typical “marketing” – hype-styled jargon that might slip into your presentation or conversation. Trust me. Your customers will sense hype in split second. Watch out though! You might think you are doing right kind of marketing if you follow examples of what you believe to be good examples from the internet and especially in social media! Too many novice social media marketers fall into this trap. They “expect” certain phrases that are said to be “good marketing” and they copy that example! Listen to your own words being said. Make sure that what you say is real and not exaggerated. Implying that “You can do it!” phrases, or including words like, “all” or “never” have to be substantiated to earn trust! If you can’t do that, don’t! If saying you will be “rich” in a “few months” (it is a great hope, but few will believe it) you will lose your potential customers. State “livelihoods” not the “distant probables” to entice your prospects. They, too, need to know the facts, yet still be left with having options that they will succeed in fulfilling their desires.

 Are You Being Real?

You will start to receive customer calls when they’ve seen you long enough, (you are a real business, not just a “wannabe”), they that you are consistent in your message, and they realize that you tell them the truth, i.e. – you are for “real”.

I have to share Sandi Krakowski’s quoted phrase “BeMORE” and BeReal! She is so right! Be true to yourself and to your customers. If the doors don’t open right away, they will eventually. Stick to it and you will win great benefits, if not more business. You will be better for having been “real” to your customers!




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